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  1. У Вас получилось? У меня точно такой же набор, прошивки последние, Giga наотрез отказывается включать Start в mesh. На вкладке Device lists Start виден с пометкой Extender, но на вкладке Wi-Fi system он не появляется, что бы я ни делал.
  2. Aha, thank you! Maybe some pre-configured 3rd party solution to get the traffic data via API and send it to influxdb/grafana etc.? I am moderately familiar with influxdb/grafana but not at all familiar with Keenetic API and kinda don't want to reinvent the wheel
  3. One (and probably the only) thing I miss from my ASUS router is the ability to see daily/monthly traffic stats right in the traffic monitor (you first have to set up stats data storage in some non-volatile memory). Keenetic traffic monitor seems to only show data for the last 24 hours max, and that only if you have not restarted the router in the last 24 hours. Is there any way to set up long term traffic stats storage and display?
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