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Changelog 3.7


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3.7 is a stable branch based on Linux 4.9, see also changelog 3.6.

Supported models:

  • Giga (KN-1010)
  • Start (KN-1110, KN-1111)
  • Lite (KN-1310, KN-1311)
  • Omni (KN-1410)
  • City (KN-1510)
  • Air/Explorer (KN-1610, KN-1611)
  • Extra/Carrier (KN-1710, KN-1711)
  • Ultra/Titan (KN-1810)
  • Viva/Skipper (KN-1910)
  • Omni DSL (KN-2011)
  • Extra DSL/Carrier DSL (KN-2111)
  • Runner 4G (KN-2210)
  • Hero 4G (KN-2310)
  • Hero DSL (KN-2410)
  • Giant (KN-2610)
  • Speedster (KN-3010)
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Release 3.7 Alpha 1:

  • Keenetic SDK support is implemented. See more information here: https://github.com/keenetic/keenetic-sdk [NDMS-1398]
  • Implemented switching to a computationally efficient algorithm for priority packet processing at flow rates above 24 Mbit/s [NDMS-1247]
  • Enlarged the built-in "storage" partition on NAND-based devices due to previously unused flash memory [NDMS-1460]
  • USB: redesigned the graceful shutdown of storage devices when removing a drive, or rebooting the system. Fixed xHCI controller initialization (reported by @Unfaithful) [NDMS-1489]
  • USB: added support for modems:
    • MTS 8430FT [NDMS-1221]
    • Fibocom L850-GL/L860-GL [NDMS-1473]
  • DHCP: allowed to configure routes with destination using Option 121 (requested by @Alexey Lyahkov) [NDMS-1222]
  • mDNS: added a command to enforce the "reflector" mode to forward mDNS packets between segments of the home network (requested by @ajs) [NDMS-1418]:
    • mdns reflector enforce — force-enable regardless of segment isolation
    • mdns reflector disable — force-disable regardless of segment isolation
  • Replaced the "interface ip adjust-ttl (set | inc | dec)" command responsible for adjusting the TTL value in incoming IP packets [NDMS-1419]:
    • interface ip adjust-ttl recv {recv}
  • TSMB: fixed compatibility with Sony PlayStation 2 [NDMS-1018]
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Release 3.7 Alpha 3:

  • DLNA: fixed error: "Exceeded max connections [50], not forking" [NDMS-227]
  • TSMB: fixed STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE response [NDMS-1303]
  • TSMB: enabled SMB_COM_SEEK call without SMB_FLAGS2_UNICODE [NDMS-1531]
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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 3.7 Alpha 5:

  • Fixed probable cause of system crash (reported by @Serghey) [NDMS-1546]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed Band-Steering error: "send BTM request for roam to 2.4GHz band (Low RSSI: -128)" (reported by @KorDen) [NDMS-1477]
  • USB: added support for Quectel EM160R-GL modem [NDMS-1594]
  • DSL: updated KN-2410 DMT firmware version to
  • TSMB: improved compatibility with SMBv1 clients [NDMS-1018]
  • Web: removed Wi-Fi extenders from the list of devices that can be assigned a DNS filtering profile (reported by @enterfaza) [NDW-2108]
  • Web: added Airtime Fairness setting for 2.4 GHz on KN-1010, KN-1810, KN-1910, KN-2310, KN-2410 [NDMS-1565, NDW-2118]
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Release 3.7 Alpha 6:

  • The IntelliQoS component is replaced by the Traffic Classification Engine. It implements the recognition and classification of applications and protocols. "Categories" and "Applications" diagrams appeared in the "Host traffic monitor" of the Web interface. Also, a new item "Application Traffic Analyzer" appeared in the "Status" section. New sections become visible after the "ntce" component is installed and the service is enabled via the "service ntce" command. The component works autonomously and does not depend on any external services. [NDMS-1476, NDW-2109]

    image (11).png

    image (12).png      image (13).png
  • Web: the HTTP proxy settings allow you to specify an IP address and FQDN as the destination address [NDW-2201]
  • Web: fixed sorting in the "Other connections" section [NDW-2169]
  • DLNA: fixed "minidlna: Network interface br1 not found" error [NDMS-1604]
  • IPv6: fixed automatic configuration of IPv6 addresses on repeaters added to the Mesh system [NDMS-1475]
  • Transmission: fixed Web interface localization [NDMS-1541]
  • OpenVPN: fixed security issue CVE-2020-15078
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Release 3.7 Alpha 7:

  • DNS: the DROP target is replaced by ICMP "Host unreachable" when accessing a blocked DNS server [NDMS-1470]
  • Allowed the '%' and '^' characters in the "dyndns profile username" [NDMS-1255]
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Release 3.7 Alpha 8:

  • NTCE: fixed cleanup of obsolete sessions which caused excessive memory consumption [NDMS-1496]
  • NTCE: fixed detection of SIP, RTP, and RTCP protocols [NDMS-1576]
  • USB: fixed swnat packet acceleration for cdc_ether devices [NDMS-1606]
  • USB: fixed usage of POCO M3 smartphones as LTE-modems [NDMS-1640]
  • HTTP: fixed access to the device by domain name from the local network [NDMS-1344]
  • Web: added support for "Password protected" mode in the KeenDNS settings [NDW-2202]
  • Web: redesigned the "Access to web applications running on your network" [NDW-2203]
  • Web: added the "Auto" option for the KeenDNS operating mode [NDW-2243]
  • Web: added the "Disconnect" checkbox for external QMI modems [NDW-2230]
  • Web: fixed application category identification on the "Application traffic analyzer" [NDW-2231]
  • DSL: updated KN-2410 DMT firmware version to
  • Opkg: fixed mounting of the embedded "storage" partition after a system restart (reported by @Serghey) [NDMS-1638]
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.7 Alpha 9:

  • Fixed probable cause of system crash in the extender mode [NDM-514]
  • NTCE: fixed memory release on abnormal termination of the service [NDM-1425]
  • USB: fixed EM7455 modem connection after system reboot [NDM-812]
  • USB: fixed "connected" status when ping-check is disabled [NDM-572]
  • USB: fixed E3372h-320 switching to the CDC mode (reported by @saap) [NDM-316]
  • DNS: fixed "https-dns-proxy Error binding Address in use" [NDM-541]
  • DSL: updated KN-2011 and KN-2111 DMT firmware version to
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Release 3.7 Alpha 10:

  • Wi-Fi: fixed all confirmed vulnerabilities from the FragAttacks series:
    • CVE-2020-24586
    • CVE-2020-24587
    • CVE-2020-24588
    • CVE-2020-26139
    • CVE-2020-26140
    • CVE-2020-26146
    • CVE-2020-26147
  • DLNA: fixed automatic indexing when adding media files [NDM-1667]
  • USB: added support for Telit LM940 modem [NDM-1674]
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Release 3.7 Alpha 11:

  • TSO: enabled mt7621 Frame Engine fault protection against small TCP segments with MSS less than 16 bytes [SYS-279]
  • USB: disabled ARP gateway availability check for UsbLte modems [NDM-1689]
  • USB: added support for MTS 8213FT (Huawei E5785Lh-22c) modems [NDM-289]
  • DNS: implemented automatic reverse DNS records for DHCP leases (requested by @fl4co) [NDM-90]
  • Web: added IntelliQoS 2.0* priority configuration page [NDW-2413]
  • HTTP: fixed CVE-2021-23017 vulnerability

* NTCE is still experimental, it can only be enabled from the command line: service ntce. For devices with up to 128MB of memory, it is recommended to enable ZRAM support: system zram. The actual assignment of priorities is still in development, planned for implementation in Alpha 12.

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Release 3.7 Alpha 12:

  • NTCE: implemented assignment of service classes to different application categories [NDM-1683]:
    • ntce qos priority {category} {priority}
    • ntce qos enable
  • USB: added support for modems:
    • Telit LN960 [NDM-1694]
    • Telit FN980m [NDM-1693]
    • MTS 8810FT [NDM-400]
  • USB: fixed system stall when working with Huawei E3372 CDC-modem [SYS-146]
  • Web: added display of speed limit settings for schedule-blocked devices [NDW-2427]
  • Curl: fixed vulnerabilities:
    • CVE-2021-22897
    • CVE-2021-22898
    • CVE-2021-22901
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Release 3.7 Alpha 13:

  • MWS: fixed probable losses when transferring configuration to Wi-Fi extenders [NDM-1668]
  • QMI: implemented support for "dialogue" USSD queries [NDM-1273]
  • USB: added support for Telit LE910C4 modem [NDM-1714]
  • Web: added USB modems with a web interface to the drop-down list "Access to web applications running on your network" [NWI-325]
  • Web: added the "Optimization mode" menu to the IPsec-based VPN server settings. It changes the set of supported algorithms depending on the selected mode, as follows [NDM-1259, NWI-327]
    • Default: enabled all algorithms except DES
    • Legacy: enabled both DES and 3DES for compatibility with obsolete clients
    • Performance: enabled CHACHA20-POLY1305 only
  • Web: added the ability to navigate to Wi-Fi extenders without entering a password. The option is available if your extender has a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on a *.keenetic.io domain name (installed automatically). The firmware version on the extender must be 3.7 Alpha 11 or above. [NDM-1287, NWI-323]
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Release 3.7 Alpha 14:

  • Implemented loop detection between switch ports, and suppression of the resulting broadcasts. The feature is available on embedded mt7530 and rtl8370mb switches of Keenetic Giga (KN-1010, KN-1011), Ultra/Titan (KN-1810), Viva/Skipper (KN-1910), Omni DSL (KN-2110), Extra/Carrier DSL (KN-2111), Hero 4G (KN-2310), Hero DSL (KN-2410), Giant (KN-2610), Speedster (KN-3010)  [SYS-217, SYS-218, SYS-264, SYS-272, NDM-1679, NWI-322]

  • Web: implemented graphical display of signal strength for built-in LTE modems & modems connected via USB [NWI-324]

  • Opkg: now calling /opt/etc/ndm/sms.d/* handlers when receiving SMS messages [NDM-185]
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Release 3.7 Alpha 15:

  • NTCE: implemented accounting of Uncategorized applications and groups [NDM-1210]
  • NTCE: enabled protection against memory overflow and automatic merging of the least significant data to the "Uncategorized" section [NDM-1681]
  • USB: added support for modems:
    • Huawei ME906s-158 (HP lt4132) [NDM-1711]
    • Telit LM960A18 [NDM-1712]
  • QMI: fixed an error when sending USSD requests: "system failed [0xcffd12e3]" (reported by @bizauto) [NDM-1273]
  • MWS: fixed displaying connection status of wired extenders [NDM-1717]
  • MWS: fixed appearance of password prompt when navigating from a controller to extenders [NDM-1724]
  • TSMB: fixed probable system crash caused by unplugging HDD from the device under I/O operations [SYS-301]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed false-positive Band Steering on RSSI -127 for Keenetic Giga (KN-1011) [SYS-292]
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Release 3.7 Alpha 16:

  • Implemented hardware-based TDR diagnostics of Ethernet cables. The function works on rtl8370 series switches of Keenetic Peak DSL (KN-2510) and Giant (KN-2610) [SYS-268, NDM-1678, NWI-361]

  • NTCE: fixed traffic accounting at the initial moment of application recognition [SYS-309]
  • MWS: fixed DHCP client start/stop on extenders in additional segments [NDM-1752]
  • DLNA: fixed "Network interface br1 not found" when saving the settings of additional segments [NDM-570]
  • USB: added Huawei K5161 modem support* [NDM-1750]

* tentative, verification required

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Release 3.7 Alpha 17:

  • Web: fixed display of Uncategorized traffic on charts (reported by @keenet07) [NWI-377]

Attention: deployed the new firmware signing certificate to the cloud infrastructure. Previously saved firmware files can be uploaded using the TFTP recovery only.

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Release 3.7 Beta 0 (pre-beta):

  • Wi-Fi: fixed mt7915 driver crash when WNM is enabled (for KN-1011) [SYS-325]
  • NTCE: fixed DNAT traffic accounting [SYS-319]
  • NTCE: implemented service shutdown in case of memory shortage during firmware update [NDM-1756]
  • Web: moved troubleshooting controls to the "Debug" tab on the Diagnostics page [NWI-401]
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Release 3.7 Beta 0.1 (pre-beta):

  • MWS: implemented automatic shutdown of access points on the extender when communication with the controller is lost [NDM-1707]
  • MWS: fixed errors related to DPN acceptance in the extender acquisition procedure [NDM-1775]
  • SSTP: fixed drop in the VPN server throughput during active data transfer [NDM-1777]
  • QMI: changed the format of the base station identifier from hexadecimal to decimal [NDM-1732]
  • Web: added zRAM and HWNAT toggles to the system settings page [NWI-405]
  • Fixed MAC address setting on wired connections with an IPTV port (reported by @r777ay) [NDM-1771]
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Release 3.7 Beta 0.2 (pre-beta):

  • Web: added support for IPIP/GRE/EoIP interfaces on the "Other connections" page [NWI-406]
  • Web: added the "Active connections" tab on the "Diagnostics" page [NWI-414]
  • Fixed MAC address setting on wired connections with an IPTV port (reported by @r777ay) [NDM-1771]
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.7 Beta 0.3 (pre-beta)
Release 3.7 Beta 0.4 (pre-beta):

  • NTCE: fixed deletion of meaningful data when memory overflow protection is triggered [NDM-1793]
  • MWS: fixed "unable to reset loop detector" errors in the extender log [NDM-1658]
  • MWS: fixed "Rtx::Iapp: unsupported interface" errors in the extender log [NDM-1753]
  • Opkg: fixed installation script timeout (reported by @snark) [NDM-1795]
  • USB: added support for modems:
    • Huawei ME906E (HP lt4112) [NDM-1733]
    • Huawei E5576-320 [NDM-1789]
    • Vodafone K5161 [NDM-1750]
  • USB: fixed Fibocom L850-GL/L860-GL initialization vs. weak mobile network signal [NDM-1792]
  • USB: added "id" and "no-content" parameters to the "sms list" command [NDM-1773]
    • id: list a single message with the given identifier
    • no-content: disable output of message content
  • Web: added the ability to configure DNS servers with an IPv6 address [NWI-421]
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Release 3.7 Beta 0.9 (pre-beta):

  • Wi-Fi: corrected EAPoL frame transmission power on KN-1011 [SYS-293]
  • NTFS: fixed interruption of user processes when allocating large files [SYS-110]
  • HTTP: fixed remote access control for WebDAV (reported by @enterfaza) [NDM-1809]
  • Transmission: enabled web interface on (requested by @enterfaza) [NDM-1806]
  • Enabled support for Highmem on KN-1011, corrected the amount of available memory (reported by @r13) [NDM-904]
  • DSL: updated KN-2011 and KN-2111 DMT firmware version to
  • DSL: updated KN-2410 and KN-2510 DMT firmware version to
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.7 Beta 1 (official preview):

  • ARM: fixed system crash on simultaneous operation of Wireguard and IPsec on KN-2710 [SYS-353]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed multichain packet transmission in CCK-modulation (2.4 GHz band) on KN-2710 [SYS-351]
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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 3.7 Beta 2 (official preview):

  • ARM: fixed possible KN-2710 reboots under high CPU workload [SYS-300]
  • MWS: fixed propagation of roaming settings to extenders [NDM-1668]
  • MWS: fixed Wi-Fi channel configuration on wired extenders [NDM-1801]
  • USB: fixed receiving SMS messages using T77W968 modem [NDM-1839]
  • TSMB: fixed possible reboots when writing large files to a USB drive [SYS-147]
  • DSL: fixed IPTV VLAN configuration in VDSL mode [NDM-1843]
  • NTFS: enabled support for sparse files [NDM-924]
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  • 4 weeks later...

Release 3.7 Beta 3:

  • Wi-Fi: fixed 80+80 MHz bandwidth mode for Intel 9260/9560/AX200/AX201 clients [SYS-372]
  • Wi-Fi: updated the KN-1011 driver version to [SYS-373]
  • Wi-Fi: enabled WPA Enterprise component on Buddy 5/5S [NDM-1850]
  • MWS: disabled extenders' access to the DNS proxy in additional segments [NDM-976]
  • DNS: fixed SafeDNS availability check when no additional DNS servers are configured [NDM-1761]
  • HTTP: fixed cleanup of active management sessions when the password is changed [NDM-1860]
  • IPsec: fixed automatic IKEv2 tunnel source selection, fixed usage of IKEv2 tunnel as the main Internet connection [NDM-1855]
  • Web: added a user-defined caption to the UI header and a browser tab [NDM-1764, NWI-424, NWI-428, NWI-429, NWI-555, NWI-556, NWI-558]
  • NTFS: fixed system freeze followed by a reboot when allocating a large file [SYS-110]
  • USB: added support for SimCOM A7600E-H modem [NDM-1794]
  • Transmission: fixed the display of free disk space [NDM-656]
  • DSL: updated KN-2011 and KN-2111 DMT firmware version to
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  • 1 month later...

Release 3.7 Beta 4:

  • USB: added the ability to use multiple partitions with the same volume labels, such as "storage" [NDM-1805]
  • HTTP: improved brute-force protection for KeenDNS name in cloud mode [NDM-1804]
  • USB: added support for the following modems:
    • 4G LTE Cat4 DS Telecom DSA901 [NDM-1904]
    • 4G LTE Cat4 Megafon MM200-1 [NDM-1891]
    • 4G LTE Cat4 HP LT4120 [SYS-381]
  • Core: implemented progressive firmware update providing less memory consumption and reliable upgrade [NDM-1861]
  • MWS: fixed binding Wi-Fi devices to Mesh Wi-Fi system nodes to operate correctly with allowed Wi-Fi bands [NDM-1869]
  • MWS: fixed Wi-Fi bands open for connection to apply correctly when acquiring Mesh Wi-Fi System members [NDM-1875]
  • NTP: fixed Network Time Protocol (NTP) server response validation in certain conditions [NDM-1880]
  • Transmission: removed download speed limit for Keenetic Peak (KN-2710) [SYS-387]
  • PPP: increased Server address value up to 256 characters for PPP-based VPN clients (PPTP, L2TP, and others) [NDM-1907]
  • PPE: fixed the Traffic monitor statistics to display correct information after changing settings on the WAN interface [SYS-389]
  • Syslog: added hostname value to the payload of the syslog message when sending records to a remote server [NDM-1872]
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.7 Beta 5:

  • Wi-Fi: implemented the collection and display of spectrum analyzer statistics on mt7915-based devices, such as Keenetic Giga (KN-1011) [SYS-297, SYS-393, NDM-1908, NDM-1858, NWI-590, NWI-708]
  • PPE: fixed the occasional false 4GB bursts in the traffic monitor [SYS-396]
  • DHCP: fixed assignment of IP addresses from static lease records [NDM-1893]
  • DNS: disabled validation of DoT/DoH certificates until the time is synchronized (reported by @Alex M) [NDM-1910]
  • Web: fixed the pop-up closing icon (reported by @AndreBA) [NWI-684]
  • Web: fixed the displayed connection type for offline devices (reported by @PriSonerS61) [NDW-664]
  • Wireguard: fixed "no buffer space available" error in the system log [NDM-1913]
  • IPsec: increased the upper limit of PSK length to 96 characters [NDM-1780]
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Release 3.7 Beta 6:

  • Cloud: fixed a mobile app request handler that caused an error message: unable to find (empty) as "Network::Interface::Base" (reported by @MDP) [NDM-1927]
  • DNS: removed an error message if an IP address is configured for a DNS-over-HTTP server: Resolver prefix doesn't appear to contain a hostname [NDM-1938]
  • Wi-Fi: improved 802.11r Fast Transition interoperability for Keenetic City (KN-1510, KN-1511) [SYS-49]
  • Wi-Fi: enabled multi-queue MLME control for mt7615 and mt7915-based devices [SYS-398]
  • HTTP: fixed access to WebDAV from the local network in the private security-level mode [NDM-1890]
  • MWS: enabled the centralized Wi-Fi country code configuration; the setting is blocked on extenders [NDM-1921, NWI-733]
  • QMI: corrected the calculation of distances to TDD cells [NDM-1916]
  • SMS: fixed decoding of Turkish national language characters [NDM-1919]
  • Web: fixed display of active channels in the Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer [NWI-734]
  • Web: fixed closing of Traffic Monitor tabs on mobile screens (reported by @enterfaza) [NWI-666]
  • Web: added tab sorting algorithm to the 4G/3G modem menu [NWI-680]
  • Web: added links to Internet connections from the dashboard Internet tile [NWI-682]
  • Web: fixed visibility of all required fields when selecting a SIP line profile [NWI-729]
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