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Changelog 3.7


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Release 3.7 Beta 8 (official preview):

  • Wi-Fi: fixed connection to access points with hidden SSID [SYS-411]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed dynamic 802.11r Fast Transition key exchange when changing IP address of an access point (reported by @MDP) [SYS-354]
  • DSL: enabled receiving the SNR margin from the operator's side as the default behavior, in the absence of explicitly specified "interface adsl snr-margin-offset" and "interface vdsl snr-margin" [NDM-1937, NWI-760]
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Release 3.7.0 (official preview):

  • Core: implemented "storage" partition formatting on factory reset [NDM-1943]
  • Wi-Fi: enabled the forced disconnect of live Wi-Fi clients when removing them from the whitelist [SYS-400]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed operation of mt7915 spectrum analyzer when the MWS backhaul connection is disabled [SYS-413]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed the false advertisement of 802.11k capabilities in beacons [SYS-414]
  • MAC: fixed showing phantom MAC addresses on mt7628-based devices when an ISP network shares the same VLAN ID with a home network segment [SYS-422]
  • USB: added support for MTS 81231FT 4G LTE Cat4 modem [NDM-1967]
  • Web: fixed the inability to set up a custom port for static DNS servers [NWI-766]
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Release 3.7.1 (official stable):

  • Wi‑Fi: added SSID to the Called-Station-Id field in a message exchange with a RADIUS server [SYS-9]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed the proxy ARP operation for devices behind a backhaul link of the Wi‑Fi system [SYS-426]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed forwarding of LLC frames of the Inter-Access Point Protocol via a backhaul link of the Wi-Fi system [SYS-427]
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Release 3.7.2 (official stable):

  • HTTP: fixed a failure of the device's web server after a few days of operation [NDM-2046]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed sporadic blocking of TX data on a wireless interface after rebuilding an MWS segment [SYS-436]
  • Wi-Fi: added a setting for TKIP "countermeasure" hold-down timer [SYS-434]:
    • interface {name} encryption tkip hold-down {hold-down} — set the hold-down timer in seconds (from 0 to 60)
  • Wi-Fi: improved compatibility of mt7615 2.4 GHz Wireless ISP (WISP) with Realme 3 access point [SYS-383]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed Wireless ISP (WISP) connection issues with ZTE F680 [SYS-424]
  • Core: fixed LED shutdown control for single-LED devices [SYS-442]
  • USB: added support for Huawei E5377Ts-32 [NDM-2027]
  • Web: fixed display of the default IPv6 gateway on the dashboard (reported by @r13) [NWI-823]
  • Web: fixed the inability to set a port speed of 1000 Mbps in the "Network ports" section of the "System settings" menu [NWI-814]
  • Web: fixed the Fast Transition (802.11r) roaming selector behavior in the "Roaming for wireless devices" section [NWI-816]
  • Web: fixed the APN settings display for the UsbModem interfaces [NWI-817]
  • DSL: updated the en7516 modem firmware to version [SYS-457]
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Release 3.7.3 (official stable):

  • Core: fixed loading of the startup-config file size of more than 64 Kbytes [NDM-2090]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed LED indication of packet transmission over the 5 GHz radio interface (reported by @DVall) [SYS-475]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed ZeroWait DFS operation on a statically configured radio channel [SYS-469]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed immediate band steering action after a client is connected to 5 GHz [SYS-379]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed data transmission through a WISP interface when connected to a BSS declaring backhaul support [SYS-479]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed accidental shutdown of beacon frames on additional BSS [SYS-489]
  • MWS: disabled the feature that stops broadcasting Wi‑Fi networks if the backhaul connection is lost [NDM-2068]
  • QoS: fixed KN-1011 system crash when a traffic shaper is enabled for a specific host [SYS-375]
  • USB: fixed critical error "did not claim interface 1 before use" when connecting Huawei modems [NDM-2063]
  • NTFS: disabled support for the sparse files functionality to prevent system instability under heavy loads [NDM-2076]
  • TSMB: fixed system crash under heavy use of IPC$ and spoolss [SYS-487]
  • Web: fixed links to WISP connections on the Dashboard [NWI-872]
  • Web: fixed displaying the "Port Forwarding" page on mobile devices (reported by @PriSonerS61) [NWI-883]
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