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Wireguard Vpn IPV6



Google translate:

Hello, when will the ipv6 setting come to wireguard vpn?

I also have a question.My PPPoE speed is 100mbps,When connected to wireguard vpn, my speed is 30 - 35mbps on ipv4 servers, normal 80 mbps on ipv6 servers. Why is my speed low on ipv4 servers? help please...

- VPN installed on modem. I am using cloudflare (warp+) as wireguard vpn.

- I also tried the settings of my friends who use it without any problems, the problem still persisted.

- no isp side restrictions

İpv4 servers speed test



İpv6 servers speed test


- I tried many different wireguard vpn configurations. I couldn't find a solution to the problem

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8 hours ago, Le ecureuil said:

Do you establish both IPv4 and IPv6 wireguard connections from PC?

I tried with windows wireguard client,
(ipv4 only) with the same settings as on the modem. In ipv4 my speed is 80 - 90mbps. I tried disabling ipv6 on the modem. I have low speed again on the same server in ipv4                  (wireguard configs are the same)


windows wireguard client



keenetic wireguard client

keenetic wireguard.PNG

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On 8/6/2021 at 6:19 PM, Le ecureuil said:

The most interesting thing is how do you measure IPv6 if KN doesn't support it for wireguard :) Or do you get 80 mbps via ipv6 is on windows client?

Let's forget ipv6 :D my speed is very slow in ipv4. I even reset the modem, installed stable version 3.6.10 and tried it, again my speed is low.

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