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Changelog 3.8


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3.8 is a stable branch based on Linux 4.9, see also changelog 3.7.

Supported models:

  • Giga (KN-1010)
  • Hero (KN-1011)
  • Start (KN-1110, KN-1111)
  • Lite (KN-1310)
  • Omni (KN-1410)
  • City (KN-1510)
  • Air/Explorer (KN-1610)
  • Extra/Carrier (KN-1710, KN-1711)
  • Ultra/Titan (KN-1810)
  • Viva/Skipper (KN-1910)
  • Omni DSL (KN-2011)
  • Extra DSL/Carrier DSL (KN-2111)
  • Runner 4G (KN-2210)
  • Hero 4G (KN-2310)
  • Hero DSL (KN-2410)
  • Peak DSL (KN-2510)
  • Speedster (KN-3010)
  • Buddy 4 (KN-3210)
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Release 3.8 Alpha 1:

  • DNS: added more content filtering and ad blocking choices. AdGuard DNS, CleanBrowsing, Cloudflare DNS, Neustar UltraDNS Public, OpenDNS, Quad9, Yandex.DNS are now available at once with the redesigned "Internet safety" page. Warning: configuration commands are backwards incompatible with 3.7 and earlier versions. The "ydns", "adguard-dns", and "cloudflare-dns" components are merged in a single "dns-filter" component. [NDM-1820, SYS-361, NWI-784]
    • dns-proxy filter assign host preset {host} {preset} — assign a preconfigured profile (preset) to a registered host
    • dns-proxy filter assign host profile {host} {profile} — assign a user-defined profile to a registered host
    • dns-proxy filter assign interface preset {interface} {preset} — assign a preconfigured profile (preset) to a network segment
    • dns-proxy filter assign interface profile {interface} {profile} — assign a user-defined profile to a network segment
    • dns-proxy filter profile {name} — create a user-defined profile
    • dns-proxy filter profile {name} description — set profile description
    • dns-proxy filter profile {name} dns53 upstream {address[:port]} — add a DNS server
    • dns-proxy filter profile {name} tls upstream {address} [port] [sni {fqdn}] [spki {hash}] — add a DNS-over-TLS server
    • dns-proxy filter profile {name} https upstream {url} [spki {hash}] — add a DNS-over-HTTPS server
    • dns-proxy filter engine public — enable the profile-based content filtering engine
    • show dns-proxy filter presets — list available presets
    • show dns-proxy filter profiles — list available profiles
  • DNS: implemented the NextDNS service support [NDM-1870]
    • nextdns authenticate {login} {password} [{pin}] — configure NextDNS authentication, you have to sign up first
    • nextdns assign ( ({host} {token}) | (interface {iface} {token}) | {token} ) — assign a NextDNS profile to a registered host or a network segment
    • nextdns check-availability — check availability
    • dns-proxy filter engine nextdns — enable the NextDNS filtering engine
    • show nextdns profiles — list available profiles
  • Fixed operation of the inbound and outbound Speed limits of the custom Internet connection policy [NDM-1889]
  • Fixed concurrent operation of the Speed limit for a Registered device and a custom Internet connection policy [NDM-1751]
  • Fixed the display of Connection statistics for port 0 when it operates as a part of the LAN network [NDM-779]
  • Core: added "reject" option to "ip route" rules (requested by @keenet07) [NDM-1854]:
    • ip route (({network} {mask}) | {host} | default) (({gateway} [{interface}]) | {interface}) [auto] [{metric}] [reject]
  • NTCE: added a CLI command to disable the memory "pressure watcher" mechanism [NDM-1995]
    • no ntce memory-watcher
  • USB: added support for 4G modems: Sierra EM7511/EM7565 4G LTE Cat 12 [NDM-1926]
  • USB: added more details for mobile connection, added 3G DC-HSPA+ connection mode indication [NDM-1983]
  • MWS: added a CLI command to reboot Wi-Fi system extenders from the controller [NDM-1946]
    • mws member {member} reboot
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  • 4 weeks later...

Release 3.8 Alpha 2:

  • HTTP: fixed a failure of the device's web server after a few days of operation [NDM-2046]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed sporadic blocking of TX data on a wireless interface after rebuilding an MWS segment [SYS-436]
  • Wi-Fi: added a setting for TKIP "countermeasure" hold-down timer [SYS-434]:
    • interface {name} encryption tkip hold-down {hold-down} — set the hold-down timer in seconds (from 0 to 60)
  • Wi-Fi: improved compatibility of mt7615 2.4 GHz Wireless ISP (WISP) with Realme 3 access point [SYS-383]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed Wireless ISP (WISP) connection issues with ZTE F680 [SYS-424]
  • USB: added support for MTS 8213FT (Huawei E5785Lh-22c) modem with a custom login and password [NDM-289]:
    • interface {name} web-api login {login} — set login
    • interface {name} web-api password (password} — set password
  • USB: added an option to configure a static IP address of a modem web interface [NDM-1749]:
    • interface {name} web-api address {address}
  • USB: added support for Huawei E5377Ts-32 [NDM-2027]
  • Core: fixed LED shutdown control for single-LED devices [SYS-442]
  • DHCP: restored the DHCP-client startup when a device is connected via Wi-Fi in "client" mode [NDM-2028]
  • NTCE: fixed the "unknown protocol" error in the system log triggered by IPv6/Teredo packets [NDM-2044]
  • Web: fixed error display on the login page (reported by @r777ay) [NWI-805]
  • Web: fixed an SMS notification icon for mobile screens [NWI-809]
  • Web: fixed display of the default IPv6 gateway on the dashboard (reported by @r13) [NWI-823]
  • Web: fixed hint layout on dashboard tiles for mobile screens [NWI-832]
  • Web: added DDNS update status on the configuration page [NWI-818]
  • Web: added the ability to open the port settings from the dashboard [NWI-822]
  • Web: added a link to the schedule configuration when a Wi-Fi network is disabled by schedule [NWI-840]
  • Web: fixed the APN settings display for the UsbModem interfaces [NWI-817]
  • Web: fixed "Network access" setting for VPN servers (reported by @PriSonerS61) [NWI-838]
  • Web: added the status of DFS scanning and detected radars on the Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer [NWI-845]
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Release 3.8 Alpha 3:

  • Core: fixed disabling ARP discovery on segments with mask [NDM-1940]
  • USB: added a command for SIM slot selection for QMI modems [NDM-2015]:
    • interface {name} sim slot ( 1 | 2 )
  • DNS: added an optional domain specifier to DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS configuration [NDM-2040]:
    • dns-proxy tls upstream {address} [port] [sni {sni}] [spki {spki}] [on {interface}] [domain {domain}]
      dns-proxy https upstream {url} {json | dnsm} [spki {spki}] [on {interface}] [domain {domain}]
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Release 3.8 Alpha 4:

  • Core: fixed display of active connections in the Diagnostics menu (reported by @r13) [NDM-2061]
  • Core: suppressed "Hotspot::Account: data is absent for host" error caused by the Keenetic RMM service [NDM-2057]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed premature sending of Beacon frames before auto-channel selection is finished [SYS-473]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed LED indication of packet transmission over the 5 GHz radio interface (reported by @DVall) [SYS-475]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed ZeroWait DFS operation on a statically configured radio channel [SYS-469]
  • IPsec: fixed L2TP connection hangup under heavy load [SYS-39]
  • Web: added a reminder to backup KeeneticOS firmware image and configuration file before manual system update [NWI-871]
  • Web: moved buttons for manipulating user-defined routes (requested by @Дмитрий Кулик) [NWI-862]
  • Web: added session count per host [NWI-844]
  • Web: fixed "resource not found" error when loading the "Internet safety" page [NWI-866]
  • Web: fixed links to WISP connections on the Dashboard [NWI-872]
  • Web: added a cautionary note for negotiation mode selector in IKEv1 IPsec rules [NWI-877]
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Release 3.8 Alpha 5:

  • Wi-Fi: fixed 160M/80M+80M bandwidth adjustment on an mt7915 WISP interface [SYS-461]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed immediate band steering action after a client is connected to 5 GHz [SYS-379]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed data transmission through a WISP interface when connected to a BSS declaring backhaul support [SYS-479]
  • QoS: fixed KN-1011 system crash when a traffic shaper is enabled for a specific host [SYS-375]
  • Web: fixed sorting of static routes (reported by @4e.Guevara) [NWI-873]
  • Web: added an ability to configure a segment with no IP address in the extender mode (requested by @AndreyUA) [NWI-847]
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Release 3.8 Alpha 6:

  • Wi-Fi: fixed accidental shutdown of beacon frames on additional BSS [SYS-489]
  • USB: fixed critical error "did not claim interface 1 before use" when connecting Huawei modems [NDM-2063]
  • TSMB: fixed system crash under heavy use of IPC$ and spoolss [SYS-487]
  • Web: fixed displaying the "Port Forwarding" page on mobile devices (reported by @PriSonerS61) [NWI-883]
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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 3.8 Alpha 7:

  • Core: fixed loading of the startup-config file size of more than 64 Kbytes [NDM-2090]
  • IPv6: implemented RFC7599 MAP-T support for accessing the IPv4 network via IPv6-only connection [NWI-906]
  • MWS: added a feature that allows Extender access points to switch off automatically when communication with the controller is lost [NWI-895]
  • MWS: enabled bridging of Realtek USB-LAN adapters on acquired extenders [NDM-2108]
  • MWS: fixed selection of an optimal backhaul access point based on RSSI and distance metrics [SYS-486]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed RADIUS authentication for multiple SSIDs [NDM-2081]
  • DHCP: fixed "invalid domain name" error when "update-dns" is enabled on a DHCP pool [NDM-2085]
  • QoS: applied application attributes to classify traffic more accurately [NDM-2021]
  • QoS: enabled offloading of the highest-priority traffic to the hardware PPE [SYS-506]
  • QoS: implemented adaptive upstream traffic shaper [NDM-2109]:
    • ip policy rate-limit output ({rate} | auto)
  • QoS: changed the default RTP classification category to Voice over IP [NDM-2110]
  • Web: unified priority numbers for registered hosts and IntelliQoS categories [NWI-939]
  • Web: added links to user properties menu from VPN server configuration tiles [NWI-893]
  • Web: updated the metadata to comply with the Progressive Web App (PWA) specification (requested by @User624) [NWI-904]
  • Web: fixed height of the main menu on mobile screens (reported by @enterfaza) [NWI-914]
  • Web: added a warning about 5 GHz Wi-Fi suspension when attempting to select a channel from 36 to 48 at 160 MHz width (for DFS-enabled devices only) [NWI-949]
  • Web: added a 3G/4G band selection drop-down for UsbLte interfaces [NWI-919]

IMPORTANT NOTICE. For those who managed to update to 3.8 Alpha 7 before 12:00 on March 4, 2022 and changed settings, DO NOT RESTART YOUR DEVICE. You need to go to the command line interface and execute:

  • copy running-config startup-config
  • components list draft
  • components commit

We thank @_sk_ for reporting a critical bug.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.8 Alpha 8:

  • Core: fixed applying a schedule when a host connection policy is changed [NDM-1716]
  • Wi-Fi: enabled the Wi-Fi on/off button in the Extender mode [NDM-2124]
  • UPnP: added support for routing policies when selecting a public interface for port forwarding [NDM-1382]
  • NTCE: separated display of traffic flows of the same application if they fall into different priority queues [NWI-951]
  • Wireguard: fixed looping of outgoing packets when the underlying WAN connection is turned off [NDM-852]
  • Wireguard: fixed accessing private DNS servers via the tunnel [NDM-2122]
  • OpenVpn: fixed support for multiple remote peers [NDM-2115]
  • MWS: implemented multi-threaded configuration of extenders [NDM-2003]
  • IPv6: fixed automatic default route configuration for MAP-T [NDM-2125]
  • IPv6: fixed support for MAP-T 1:1 IPv4 sharing ratio [NDM-2127]
  • Web: added MAP-T connection information to the dashboard [NWI-960]
  • Web: enabled Captive portal setup for multiple segments [NWI-916]
  • Web: fixed display of segment port settings on mobile devices (reported by @enterfaza) [NWI-924]
  • OpenSSL: 1.1.1n [CVE-2022-0778]
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  • 1 month later...

Release 3.8 Beta 1:

  • Core: fixed swapping WAN and LAN ports of Orbiter Pro [SYS-529]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed radio turned off by the Wi-Fi button to keep this state after a system reboot [SYS-78]
  • DNS: muted excessive debug messages from https-dns-proxy [SYS-516]
  • Transmission: fixed the error message — "RPC error: end of stream" when using the mobile application [NDM-2133]
  • IpSec: increased the maximum PSK key size up to 196 characters for IPsec VPN and IPsec/L2TP connections [NDM-2128]
  • USB: added support for the 4G LTE Cat4 Quectel EC200T modem [NDM-2164]
  • USB: added support for the 3G Huawei K4201 modem [NDM-2186]
  • Web: added MTU control to IKEv2 VPN client configuration in the advanced settings [NWI-974]
  • Web: added a warning message while setting up a Port forwarding rule for the HTTPS or 443/TCP protocol [NWI-977]
  • Web: added the display of the regional code next to the Model name field on the dashboard [NWI-1027]
  • Web: improved IPv4 availability criteria for MAP-T-enabled connections for the proper display on the dashboard [NWI-1025]
  • Web: added support for two-factor authentication (2FA) for the NextDNS service [NWI-1021]
  • Web: added links to the NextDNS account configurations on the Internet safety page (requested by @KYTECHNGAMING) [NWI-1020]
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  • 1 month later...

Release 3.8 Beta 2:

  • Restored Internet Checker behaviour to support default routes through a gateway in the local network using topologies with a non-Keenetic device as the primary router [NDM-2220]
  • PPE: fixed skb_headroom assignment in fastvpn (reported by @Peredovic) [SYS-557]
  • DNS: disabled serving DNS requests when not in the Router mode [NDM-2205]
  • DNS: fixed misconfiguration of filters when adding new segments [NDM-2230]
  • NTP: added the new default setting Auto that selects NTP servers from Keenetic cloud infrastructure [NWI-1107]
  • IPSec: the L2TP reception window is increased to 1024 packets to fine-tune performance [NDM-2138]
  • USB: added support for the 4G Cat4 8330FT USB (MTS) [NDM-2210]
  • Web: added the new Bandwidth control mode selector (Auto / Manual / Disabled) for inbound and outbound traffic for configuring connections in the Internet Connections policies [NWI-1070]
  • Web: fixed activation of the Guest segment if its wireless networks are disabled [NWI-1029]
  • Web: fixed erroneous Connection priority selector behaviour under certain conditions [NWI-1068]
  • Web: fixed the misbehaviour of tabs across the Web Interface while changing orientation from portrait (vertical) to landscape (horizontal) and vice versa in mobile browsers [NWI-1026]
  • Web: updated and unified toggle behaviour for the Application section [NWI-1037]
  • Web: corrected hint descriptions and wrongly allowed zero Off-hook and Dial digit timers in the Phone station settings [NWI-1090]
  • Web: added hint with allowed values for Registration timeout in Phone Lines setting [NWI-1091]
  • OpenSSL: 1.1.1o [CVE-2022-1292, CVE-2022-1473] [SYS-551]
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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 3.8.0 (preview):

  • Core: fixed sporadic "VLAN ID is busy" error message in the Extender mode [NDM-2252]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed switching wireless networks on/off in the Access point/Extender mode that no longer leads to loss of device control for a while [NDM-2178]
  • Wi-Fi: disabled the WPS enrollee mode on the Access Point, providing a correct wireless connection flow [SYS-540]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed the SMPS (Spatial Multiplexing Power Save) on mt7603/mt7628 to handle requests from Qualcomm 835/845/855 wireless clients for dynamic switching of MIMO scheme [SYS-560]
  • DNS: fixed DoT (DNS over TLS) operation after reconnection of the PPPoE session [NDM-2215]
  • Web: added a channel configuration drop-down on the WISP page [NWI-938]
  • Web: fixed the Unregister action for the network host [NWI-1113]
  • Web: corrected the Address pool size calculation for the DHCP server [NWI-1119]
  • Web: fixed visibility of the Hardware network accelerator toggle (reported by @sokol2007) [NWI-1146]
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.8.1 (preview):

  • MWS: optimized renaming of the Extender that no longer causes re-calculation for the whole Mesh Wi-Fi system [NDM-1838]
  • MWS: fixed the bug preventing Extender from re-establishing the wireless backhaul link after a Controller restart under certain conditions [SYS-570]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed false advertizement of the Wi-Fi Fast Transition (802.11r) feature after its deactivation [SYS-574]
  • Web: fixed deletion of the Static IP for the "Unregister" action for the network [NWI-1113]
  • Web: fixed validation of the KeenDNS domain name according to RFC 5890: the '-' symbol is prohibited at the domain's beginning and end [NWI-1159]

Release 3.8.2 (preview → stable):

  • Core: fixed traffic counters for WAN and LAN ports of KN-2510 [SYS-577]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed the bug preventing an Extender from re-establishing a wireless backhaul link after a Controller restart when DFS is enabled (KN-1510, KN-1511) [SYS-553]
  • Web: fixed the issue with the Safari browser which was resulting in a blank Web Interface Login page (reported by @n1ck222) [NWI-1216]
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Release 3.8.3 (preview → stable):

  • LTE: fixed 3G frequency band selector for QMI-type modems [NDM-2288]
  • DNS: fixed DNS-over-TLS proxying after PPPoE reconnection [NDM-2215]
  • App: fixed admin password validation after initial setup [SYS-583]
  • Web: corrected the Address pool size calculation for the DHCP server [NWI-1119]
  • Web: fixed TLS domain name and Domain fields mixed up in DNS configuration settings [NWI-1222]
  • Web: fixed inability to save speed limit for unregistered devices [NWI-1239]
  • Web: fixed "Logout" button position on mobile devices [NWI-1243]
  • Web: removed the message telling that the "ISP is managing the device" under certain conditions [NWI-1246]
  • Transmission: fixed timeout issues when accessing the Web interface [NDM-2293]
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  • 1 month later...

Release 3.8.4 (preview → stable):

  • Wi-Fi: mt7615: fixed 160M connection for Huawei P40 Pro [SYS-601]
  • Ethernet: fixed KN-2710 halt after WAN port link up at 100 Mbps half-duplex [SYS-602]
  • MWS: fixed the unnecessary bridge configuration when renaming an extender [NWI-1188]
  • DNS: fixed "dns-proxy tls upstream" with a domain [NDM-2286]
  • HTTP: added IP address info to the "authentication failed" messages [NDM-2317]
  • Web: fixed uploading of files larger than 4 GB [NDM-2300]
  • Web: fixed numeric values in the spectrum analyzer legend [NWI-1285]
  • Web: fixed IPv6 settings for USB modems (reported by @Perevozchic) [NWI-1257]
  • Web: fixed empty "Traffic Monitor" page (reported by @iggo) [NWI-1290]
  • Web: fixed reaction to pressing Enter in the OpenVPN settings area (reported by @Кинетиковод) [NWI-1286]
  • Web: fixed font size of input fields in Safari (reported by @n1ck222) [NWI-1287]
  • Web: added certificate validation option for the advanced SIP line setup [NDM-2229, NWI-1217, NWI-1105]
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  • 4 weeks later...

Release 3.8.5 (preview → stable):

  • Wi-Fi: fixed fast-transition interoperability with Samsung Galaxy A52 [SYS-608]
  • Web: fixed "Run the Initial Setup Wizard to select another DSL ISP" scenario [NWI-1304]
  • Web: fixed device schedule assignment [NWI-1306]
  • Web: fixed subnet validator for 32-bit mask [NWI-1310]
  • Web: added a scrollbar to the file upload dialog (reported by @KYTECHNGAMING) [NWI-1356]
  • Web: fixed positioning of tooltips and tables on 1366x768 screens [NWI-1365]
  • Clock: fixed backward compatibility with the Europe/Kiev time zone after renaming, see also https://data.iana.org/time-zones/tzdb/NEWS [NDM-2362]
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  • 1 month later...

Release 3.8.6* (preview):

  • Wi-Fi: fixed LED indication when all 2.4 GHz interfaces are turned off [SYS-642]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed DFS status after the Wi-Fi station is connected [SYS-645]
  • IPv4: fixed Wake-on-LAN in additional "protected" segments (reported by @dimon27254) [NDM-2385]
  • IPv6: updated firewall rules to enable usage of DHCPv6 relay agent [NDM-2410]
  • Web: fixed missing Save button when editing speed limit schedule [NWI-1390]
  • Web: fixed toggles on the "Other connections" page (reported by @r3L4x) [NWI-1419]

Release 3.8.7* (preview):

* Released for KN-1510, KN-1610, KN-1710

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  • 2 weeks later...

Release* (stable):

  • App: fixed an error that was causing the Web Interface to respond slowly or become unresponsive [SYS-662]

* Released for KN-1010 KN-1011, KN-1111, KN-1112, KN-1211, KN-1212, KN-1311, KN-1511, KN-1611, KN-1613, KN-1711, KN-1713, KN-1810, KN-1910, KN-2011, KN-2111, KN-2210, KN-2310, KN-2410, KN-2510, KN-2610, KN-2710, KN-2810, KN-3010, KN-3210, KN-3310, KN-3410, KN-3510, KN-3710, KN-3810, officially transitioning to 3.9. Does not contain changes from 3.8.6 and 3.8.7.

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