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Unstable WiFi connection 2.16.D.12.0-8


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I ran 2.16.D.12.0-8 for two weeks and noticed WiFi connection drops rarely on my Android, it was few times per day and it happen for short time like few seconds, Android search for connection dialog pop-up and reconnect, but two days ago, the connection dropped and mobile Android couldn't find the router AP, tried to add guest one and it worked but the main one stayed hidden until i disabled it and then reenabled it, still after few minutes it disappeared again, disabling the guest made it appear for a few minutes only to disappear again, i reverted to 2.16.D.12.0-4 and it worked for few hours with no problem, tried to 2.16.D.12.0-8, and the connection wasn't visible like offline !

Now on 2.16.D.12.0-4 it more than a day and the connection is stable and everything OK, the connection didn't drop for once and the logs confirm that.

Ps: didn't reset the settings on the router on any of the firmware update procedure, so the same settings tested on both firmwares.

Ps: can't remember for sure, but i think that i noticed some weird WiFi stuff on 2.16.D.12.0-6 also.

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