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Changelog 3.9


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3.9 is an experimental branch based on Linux 4.9, see also changelog 3.8.

Supported models:

  • Giga (KN-1010)
  • Hero (KN-1011)
  • Start (KN-1110, KN-1111)
  • Lite (KN-1310)
  • Omni (KN-1410)
  • City (KN-1510)
  • Air/Explorer (KN-1610)
  • Extra/Carrier (KN-1710, KN-1711)
  • Ultra/Titan (KN-1810)
  • Viva/Skipper (KN-1910)
  • Omni DSL (KN-2011)
  • Extra DSL/Carrier DSL (KN-2111)
  • Runner 4G (KN-2210)
  • Hero 4G (KN-2310)
  • Hero DSL (KN-2410)
  • Peak DSL (KN-2510)
  • Speedster (KN-3010)
  • Buddy 4 (KN-3210)
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Release 3.9 Alpha 1:

  • Proxy: implemented HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 network interface component [NDM-2195, NWI-1108]

    • interface Proxy0 — create a Proxy interface
    • interface {name} proxy protocol ( http | socks5 ) — set protocol
    • interface {name} proxy upstream {host} [port] — set upstream hostname and port
    • interface {name} authentication identity {identity} — set authentication username
    • interface {name} authentication password {password} — set authentication password
    • interface {name} proxy connect [via {via}] — enable connection

  • Ping-check: implemented TLS check mode [NDM-2094, NWI-1109]
    • ping-check profile {name} mode tls
  • IPv6: implemented support for DS-Lite protocol [NDM-2060]
  • LTE: fixed 3G frequency band selector for QMI-type modems [NDM-2288]
  • Wi-Fi: added utilization monitor for the radio frequency channels that are currently in use [SYS-555, NDM-2245, NWI-1179]
  • MWS: fixed the unnecessary bridge configuration when renaming an extender [NWI-1188]
  • USB: added configuration of a custom Web API password for CDC ZTE modems [NDM-2198]
    • interface {name} web-api address {address}
    • interface {name} web-api login {login}
    • interface {name} web-api password {password}
  • USB: added support for Alcatel MW70 modem [NDM-2246]
  • USB: added 5G mode support for Telit FN980m [NDM-2260]
  • USB: implemented interactive AT command terminal for UsbLte, UsbQmi modems (requested by @Kee_comrad) [NDM-2266]
    • interface {name} tty send  {command} [expect] [timeout]
  • DNS: fixed loss of DNS servers obtained from the ISP when adding custom servers [NDM-2265]
  • App: fixed admin password validation after initial setup [SYS-583]
  • Web: added support for IPv4 provisioning mode (MAP-T and DS-Lite) in Other connections [NWI-1106]
  • Web: added certificate validation option for the advanced SIP line setup [NDM-2229, NWI-1217, NWI-1105]
  • Web: fixed TLS domain name and Domain fields mixed up in DNS configuration settings [NWI-1222]
  • Web: fixed inability to save speed limit for unregistered devices [NWI-1239]
  • OpenVPN: updated to version 2.6.0 [SYS-579]
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.9 Alpha 2:

  • DNS: fixed DNS-over-TLS proxying after PPPoE reconnection [NDM-2215]
  • DNS: fixed "dns-proxy tls upstream" with a domain [NDM-2286]
  • Web: fixed "Logout" button position on mobile devices [NWI-1243]
  • Web: removed the message telling that the "ISP is managing the device" under certain conditions [NWI-1246]
  • Web: fixed "Connection priority" dropdown list (reported by @snark) [NWI-1256]
  • Web: fixed uploading of files larger than 4 GB [NDM-2300]
  • Transmission: fixed timeout issues when accessing the Web interface [NDM-2293]
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Release 3.9 Alpha 3:

  • DNS: fixed "do_page_fault(): sending SIGSEGV" error (reported by @Ahmed Ensar) [SYS-592]
  • Web: fixed IPv6 settings for USB modems (reported by @Perevozchic) [NWI-1257]
  • OpenVPN: fixed "enable extended error passing on TCP/UDP socket failed (IPV6_RECVERR)" [NDM-2304]
  • HTTP: added IP address info to the "authentication failed" messages [NDM-2317]
  • OpenSSL: updated to 1.1.1q (fixed CVE-2022-2097) [NDM-2308]
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Release 3.9 Alpha 4:

  • Web: added histogram of detected Wi-Fi networks on the "Wi-Fi monitor" page [NWI-1280]
  • Web: fixed numeric values in the spectrum analyzer legend [NWI-1285]
  • Web: fixed empty "Traffic Monitor" page (reported by @iggo) [NWI-1290]
  • Web: fixed reaction to pressing Enter in the OpenVPN settings area (reported by @Кинетиковод) [NWI-1286]
  • Web: fixed font size of input fields in Safari (reported by @n1ck222) [NWI-1287]
  • Web: fixed "import PPPoE settings" button width [NWI-1293]
  • Wi-Fi: mt7615: fixed 160M connection for Huawei P40 Pro [SYS-601]
  • Dns: disabled proxying of requests from blocked devices [NDM-2321]
  • Ethernet: fixed KN-2710 halt after WAN port link up at 100 Mbps half-duplex [SYS-602]
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Release 3.9 Alpha 5:

  • IPv6: implemented offload of MAP-T/MAP-E/DS-Lite in the software packet processing engine [SYS-611]
  • DNS: assigned unconditional priority to user-defined profiles over presets and cloud profiles [NDM-2323]
  • Web: added user-defined profiles to the "Internet safety" drop-down list on the device configuration page [NWI-1129]
  • Web: implemented "Transit requests" option for DNS proxy profiles [NWI-1130]
  • Web: fixed "Run the Initial Setup Wizard to select another DSL ISP" scenario [NWI-1304]
  • Web: fixed device schedule assignment [NWI-1306]
  • Web: fixed subnet validator for 32-bit mask [NWI-1310]
  • Web: fixed "Use for accessing the Internet" checkbox for WireGuard connections (reported by @Veter_ARH) [NWI-1319]
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.9 Alpha 6:

  • NTP: implemented the SNTP server feature [NDM-2338]
    • ntp master — enable SNTP server in private and protected segments
  • IPv6: added IPv6 checks in "show internet status" and WAN LED indicator [NDM-2348]
  • IPv6: implemented IPv6 support in DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS (requested by @r13) [NDM-2344]
  • IPv6: implemented IPv6 support in NextDNS content filter [NDM-2345]
  • Wi-Fi: disabled RU/US country code substitution in beacon frames on 5 GHz access points [SYS-613]
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.9 Alpha 7:

  • Wi-Fi: fixed Wi-Fi LED indication (reported by @stakp) [SYS-615]
  • IPv6: fixed DHCPv6 stateless mode (reported by @rAcKShen) [NDM-2363]
  • Web: fixed bugs and made some improvements to the Wi-Fi monitor [NWI-1325]
  • Web: added color-coded connection states to the Connection priorities menu [NWI-1326]
  • Web: added "Enable multipath" toggle to the Connection priorities menu [NWI-1328]

  • Web: added a checkbox to enable SNTP service in the local network [NWI-1330]
  • Web: fixed import of PPPoE settings (reported by @KYTECHNGAMING) [NWI-1353]
  • Web: fixed display of "Import PPPoE settings" button on mobile screens (reported by @KYTECHNGAMING) [NWI-1355]
  • Web: added a scrollbar to the file upload dialog (reported by @KYTECHNGAMING) [NWI-1356]
  • Web: fixed positioning of tooltips and tables on 1366x768 screens [NWI-1365]
  • Clock: fixed backward compatibility with the Europe/Kiev time zone after renaming, see also https://data.iana.org/time-zones/tzdb/NEWS [NDM-2362]
  • Legal: updated the Device Privacy Notice [NDM-2276]
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.9 Alpha 8:

  • Wi-Fi: updated mt7915 MCU firmware to MP74 v2045 [SYS-584]
  • IGMP: implemented "Fast Leave" mode for IGMPv2 (requested by @techgenius) [NDM-2375]
    • igmp-proxy fast-leave — enable Fast Leave
  • USB: fixed display of SINR, RSRP, RSRQ signal metrics for Huawei modems (reported by @k19olegh68) [NDM-2371]
  • USB: fixed receiving SMS messages on KN-2210, KN-2310 [NDM-2380]
  • IPsec: fixed "system failed [0xcffd00ac], code = 255" error and loss of control over the service under heavy system load [NDM-624]
  • OpenSSL: updated to 3.0.5 [SYS-628]
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Release 3.9 Alpha 9:

  • KeenDNS: fixed direct IPv4 access with an active IPv6 connection [NDM-2378]
  • Transmission: fixed incompatibility with OpenSSL 3.0 (reported by @r3L4x) [SYS-631]
  • NDSS: fixed CA certificate validation for legacy devices (reported by @Serg54) [SYS-632]
  • USB: added support for Huawei E5783B-230 modem [NDM-2277]
  • USB: added support for Huawei E8231 modem [NDM-2296]
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.9 Beta 0 (pre-beta):

  • IPv4: fixed Wake-on-LAN in additional "protected" segments (reported by @dimon27254) [NDM-2385]
  • IPv4: fixed duplication of entries in the system routing table [NDM-2391]
  • USB: enabled command 'no mobile name-servers' for QMI-based UsbLte modems [NDM-2374]
  • USB: fixed connection of Huawei modems, such as e3372h-153 (reported by @XEGARE) [NDM-2395]
  • Web: added channels used by the device itself to the Wi-Fi Monitor diagram [NWI-1389]
  • Web: fixed text color in menu titles in mobile version (reported by @dimon27254) [NWI-1377]
  • Web: fixed missing Save button when editing speed limit schedule [NWI-1390]
  • TSMB: fixed compatibility with OpenSSL 3.0 [SYS-627]
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Release 3.9 Beta 0.5 (pre-beta)
Release 3.9 Beta 0.6 (pre-beta):

  • Wi-Fi: fixed LED indication when all 2.4 GHz interfaces are turned off [SYS-642]
  • PPTP: fixed regression of VPN server throughput on mt7622 [SYS-620]
  • Web: added configuration of mDNS relay that allows transmitting mDNS messages between segments of the local network [NWI-1368]
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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 3.9 Beta 1 (preview):

  • Web: implemented fail-safe configuration mode that can be enabled in the "System settings" [NWI-429]
  • Wi-Fi: fixed DFS status after the Wi-Fi station is connected [SYS-645]
  • LLDP: fixed "unexpectedly stopped" error (reported by @r13) [NDM-2409]
  • IPv6: updated firewall rules to enable usage of DHCPv6 relay agent [NDM-2410]
  • Web: fixed toggles on the "Other connections" page (reported by @r3L4x) [NWI-1419]
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  • 4 weeks later...

Release 3.9 Beta 2 (preview):

  • Kernel: fixed spontaneous reboot by watchdog timer on devices powered by en7528, en7512, en7513, en7516 [SYS-585]
  • DNS: fixed passing of transit requests configured in profiles (reported by @keshun) [NDM-2403]
  • USB: added support for Dell DW5829e modem [NDM-2400]
  • USB: fixed RSSI value for Fibocom L850-GL L860-GL [NDM-2416]
  • IPsec: fixed periodic IKEv2 disconnection [NDM-2413]
  • OpenVPN: fixed overdependence on "ip6" component [NDM-2441]
  • Web: fixed logo alignment on mobile screens (reported by @enterfaza) [NWI-1387]
  • Web: fixed position of "Update channel" info on dashboard (reported by @panda74) [NWI-1388]
  • Web: fixed confirm button label in mobile view (reported by @dimon27254) [NWI-1449]
  • OpenSSL: updated to 3.0.7 [SYS-669]
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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 3.9.0 (preview):

  • USB: added support for Brovi E3372-325 modem (requested by @Юрий Есипов) [NDM-2419]
  • USB: added support for Telit LN941 modem [NDM-2453]
  • USB: fixed support for MTS 824FT (Hilink) [NDM-2470]
  • USB: fixed support for T77W595 on mt7628-based devices [NDM-2474]
  • USB: fixed connection via Android USB Tethering [NDM-2485]
  • Wireguard: fixed fatal crash on changing the state of the underlying interface [NDM-2424]
  • IPsec: fixed L2TP/IPsec server interoperability with common smartphone and desktop clients (reported by @stakp) [NDM-2433]
  • IPsec: fixed applying netfilter rules for L2TP server (reported by @Serg54) [NDM-2468]
  • IPv4: fixed conntrack table flushing when switching between WAN connections [NDM-2456]
  • DNS: fixed applying DNS proxy filter assignments after device restart [NDM-2457]
  • DNS: fixed assignment of the system profile and permission of transit requests (reported by @keshun) [NDM-2479]
  • UPnP: disabled reaction on DHCP lease updates (reported by @r13) [NDM-2459]
  • Web: fixed validation of static IP address assignment in the device list [NWI-1456]
  • Web: fixed "edit schedule" link position in segments on mobile screens (reported by @dimon27254) [NWI-1463]
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