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Не устанавливает соединение VPN L2TP/IPSec с KN-1011

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Использовал вот такой конфиг:

crypto ike proposal VPNL2TPServer
    encryption 3des
    encryption des
    encryption aes-cbc-128
    encryption aes-cbc-256
    dh-group 2
    dh-group 1
    dh-group 14
    integrity sha1
    integrity md5
crypto ike policy VPNL2TPServer
    proposal VPNL2TPServer
    lifetime 28800
    mode ikev1
    negotiation-mode main
crypto ipsec transform-set VPNL2TPServer
    lifetime 28800
    cypher esp-aes-128
    cypher esp-3des
    cypher esp-des
    hmac esp-sha1-hmac
    hmac esp-md5-hmac
crypto ipsec profile VPNL2TPServer
    dpd-interval 30
    identity-local address
    match-identity-remote any
    authentication-local pre-share
    mode transport
    policy VPNL2TPServer
crypto ipsec mtu auto
crypto map VPNL2TPServer
    set-peer any
    set-profile VPNL2TPServer
    set-transform VPNL2TPServer
    match-address _WEBADMIN_IPSEC_VPNL2TPServer
    set-tcpmss pmtu
    no reauth-passive
    virtual-ip no enable
    l2tp-server range
    l2tp-server interface Bridge0
    l2tp-server ipv6cp
    l2tp-server multi-login
    l2tp-server lcp echo 30 3
    l2tp-server enable

Для подключения Huawei B535-232a к keeneticу по L2TP/IPSec, соединения не устанавливает

Кинетик пишет в логе:

l2tp: new tunnel 53729-37555 created following reception of SCCRQ from хх.142.40.хх:3863
Дек 18 22:05:25 ppp-l2tp
l2tp tunnel 53729-37555 (хх.142.40.хх:3863): no acknowledgement from peer after 5 retransmissions, deleting tunnel

Помогите с настройкой. 

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