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упала DLS линия может кто подскажет



работало все нормально но сегодня утром бац упала линия не поднимается. Настройки сбросил не помогает. Giga 2 прошивка офф v2.06(AAFS.0)C3

Oct 29 03:23:56ndmNetwork::Interface::Mt2311::UsbDsl: opmode is set to ADSL2+, Annex AUTO.
Oct 29 03:23:56ndmCore::ConfigurationSaver: saving configuration...
Oct 29 03:23:56ndmNetwork::Interface::Base: "UsbDsl0": interface is up.
Oct 29 03:23:58ndmNetwork::Interface::Mt2311::UsbDsl: reconfiguring DSL line...
Oct 29 03:23:59ndmCore::ConfigurationSaver: configuration saved.
Oct 29 03:24:20ndmNetwork::Interface::Base: "UsbDsl0/Pvc0": description saved.
Oct 29 03:24:20ndmNetwork::Interface::Mt2311::Pvc: assigned UsbDsl0/Pvc0 8/35.
Oct 29 03:24:20ndmNetwork::Interface::Mt2311::Pvc: raised UsbDsl0/Pvc0.
Oct 29 03:24:20ndmNetwork::Interface::Mt2311::Pvc: using Ethernet encapsulation, LLC mux.
Oct 29 03:24:20ndmNetwork::Interface::IP: "UsbDsl0/Pvc0": interface is non-global.
Oct 29 03:24:20ndmDhcp::Client: stopped DHCP client on UsbDsl0/Pvc0.
Oct 29 03:24:20ndmDns::InterfaceSpecific: static name server list cleared on UsbDsl0/Pvc0.
Oct 29 03:24:20ndmNetwork::Interface::IP: "UsbDsl0/Pvc0": IP address cleared.
Oct 29 03:24:20ndmCore::ConfigurationSaver: saving configuration...
Oct 29 03:24:24ndmCore::ConfigurationSaver: configuration saved.
Oct 29 03:24:25ndmkernel: dsl_br0.10: Setting MAC address to 90:EF:68:D2:83:D0.
Oct 29 03:24:25ndmkernel: VLAN (dsl_br0.10): Underlying device (dsl_br0) has same MAC, not checking promiscious mode.

что означает VLAN (dsl_br0.10): Underlying device (dsl_br0) has same MAC, not checking promiscious mode.

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