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Changelog 3.3


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Release 3.3 Alpha 1.1:

  • Wi-Fi: added Airtime fairness settings:
    • interface WifiMaster1 atf inbound
    • interface WifiMaster1 atf disable
  • reworked the crypto engine to support native CryptoAPI:
    • fixed ESP and EoIP/IPsec packet fragmentation issues
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.3 Alpha 3:

  • HTTP: fixed port redirection to "This Keenetic"
  • HTTP: added "Secure" flag to the Set-Cookie header in SSL sessions
  • HTTP: added X-Frame-Options "DENY" header
  • HTTP: implemented SSL server autostart unless otherwise configured:
    • ip http ssl no enable
  • VPN: fixed Android connection failure with the following symptoms:
    • ppp-pptp: fsm timeout
    • ppp: compressor dropped pkt
  • DNS: fixed DNS-over-HTTPS for "ip policy" members
  • USB: fixed USB-Ethernet adapters support (@Олег Осипов reported)
  • fixed "auto" static routes with the explicit gateway address
  • ACME: fixed compatibility with the new Let's Encrypt CDN
  • OpenSSL updated to 1.1.1d

Release 3.3 Alpha 4:

  • IGMP: fixed Group-Specific Query processing (@dexter reported)
  • Wi-Fi: fixed FT master key reset on configuration change
  • Wi-Fi: enabled 802.11k/r FT in factory default settings
  • Web: removed obsolete My.Keenetic app settings
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Release 3.3 Alpha 6:

  • TSMB: added NT QUERY SECURITY DESC extension stub

Release 3.3 Alpha 7:

  • TSMB: implemented multi-threaded architecture
  • TSMB: fixed compatibility with VLC 3.1.7 (Android)
  • HFS+: fixed kernel crash during Timemachine backup
  • FTP: increased virtual memory limit to 16Mb (@Tomel requested)
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Release 3.3 Alpha 8:

  • Wireguard: added configuration interface in CLI:
    • interface Wireguard0
      • wireguard private-key [private-key] — set a private key manually or automatically (not displayed in running-config)
      • wireguard listen-port {port}
      • wireguard peer {key} — add a remote peer with a public key
        • endpoint {address:port} — set a remote address for outbound connections
        • keepalive-interval {interval}
        • preshared-key {key}
        • allow-ips {address/mask} — add an allowed IP address pool
  • Wi-Fi: implemented WPA3-PSK and OWE support for City (KN-1510)
  • Wi-Fi: fixed 20/40 MHz bandwidth setting
  • TSMB: implemented WSD and LLMNR discovery protocols
  • IPsec: enabled ”fastpath” for L2TP acceleration
  • Web: added Wireguard section on the "Other connections" page
  • Web: added a warning about missing admin password

Release 3.3 Alpha 8.1:

  • Wi-Fi: fixed configuration of the extender's backhaul access point
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Release 3.3 Alpha 9:

  • SSTP: disabled accm, accomp, pcomp options for VPN Client Pro (@vasek00 reported)
  • Wireguard:
    • fixed listen port for inbound connections (@koshak reported)
    • Web: fixed port configuration error (сообщил @Idea Fix)
    • Web: fixed address validation error
    • Web: fixed connection status on the dashboard
    • Web: allow to configure endpoints as FQDN
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  • 2 weeks later...

Release 3.3 Alpha 11:

  • L2TP: fixed L2TP/IPsec acceleration introduced in 3.3 Alpha 8
  • Web: implemented DLNA segment selection
  • Web: added the "Refresh" button for PPP connections, configured on the "Wired" page
  • Web: added the "Adjust TCP MSS" option for Wireguard
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Release 3.3 Beta 0 (pre-beta):

  • implemented the withdrawal of consent to dump reports (@LiqLover requested)
    • system dump-report disable
  • Wireguard: implemented debug message logging:
    • interface Wireguard0 debug
  • TSMB: implemented the NTLM SESSION_SETUP_ANDX compatibility
  • Web: allowed KeenDNS Direct mode for private IP addresses
  • Web: fixed deleting of known host records (@r777ay reported)
  • Web: fixed the "Enable Syslog" checkbox (@r777ay reported)
  • Web: fixed address rendering in the UPnP table (@valeramalko reported)
  • DLNA: improved the device image resolution
  • L2TP: temporarily disabled the 3.3 Alpha 8 acceleration
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Release 3.3 Beta 1 (official beta):

  • SkyDNS: implemented DNS-over-TLS support
  • TSMB: enabled case insensitive mode for all file shares
  • Wireguard: fixed routing configuration on Omni DSL (KN-2011), Extra DSL (KN-2111)
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Release 3.3 Beta 2.4 (official beta):

  • Wi-Fi: implemented 2.4 GHz backhaul for single-band extenders
  • Wi-Fi: enabled static IP address configuration of extenders
  • SafeDNS: implemented DNS-over-TLS support
  • Web: fixed known-host configuration form (@r13 reported)
  • Wireguard: fixed possible packet loss
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Release 3.3 Beta 3 (official beta):

  • implemented auto-update schedule:
    • components auto-update schedule {schedule}
  • Wi-Fi: fixed compatibility with FT-unaware Broadcom clients
  • TSMB: fixed CIFS server startup in the extender mode
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Release 3.3 Beta 4 (official beta):

  • Wi-Fi: fixed 2.4 GHz backhaul compatibility issues for Keenetic Omni DSL (KN-2011), and Extra DSL (KN-2111)
  • Wi-Fi: fixed fast transition roaming errors with WPA2/3 and WPA2/3-Enterprise
  • Wireguard: fixed configuration importing
  • SafeDNS: fixed service availability checking
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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 3.3 Beta 6 (official beta):

  • recalculated OOM scores to improve the system durability
  • SkyDNS: temporarily disabled DNS-over-TLS

Release 3.3.0 (preview):

  • SSH: implemented session timeout configuration:
    • ip ssh session timeout {timeout}
  • MWS: fixed detection of wired hosts connected to wireless extenders
  • Wireguard: fixed default gateway selection
  • IPSec: fixed software packet engine
  • EoIP/IPsec: fixed EoIP/IPsec packet fragmentation
  • SSTP: fixed access via DDNS domain name
  • Web: fixed access via *.keenetic.io domain name
  • Web: fixed Wireguard configuration importing
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Release 3.3.3 (official beta):

  • IPv6: fixed system crash when using VLAN based connections
  • Wi-Fi: fixed WPA2PSK+WPA3PSK and WPA3 configuration saving
  • Web: fixed downloading files from the USB storage (@rustrict reported)
  • Web: fixed DLNA port configuration saving (@iggo reported)
  • Web: fixed interface rendering on iPad Pro (iOS 13, @m__a__l reported)
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Release 3.3.7 (official beta):

  • Wi-Fi: fixed download speed regression (@vasek00 reported)
  • Wi-Fi: fixed FT-enabled AppleWatch compatibility
  • Web: fixed device list responsiveness (@biospb reported)
  • Web: fixed "Port forwarding" configuration (@r3L4x reported)
  • Web: fixed redirection to the error page for IE11 (@Duber reported)
  • DSL: implemented DSL SNR Margin setting:
    • interface Dsl0 vdsl snr-margin {4..30}
    • interface Dsl0 adsl snr-margin-offset {-10..10}
  • MWS: improved Wi-Fi extenders association time
  • MWS: improved radio channel selection algorithm
  • IPsec: improved stability of the hardware accelerator
  • IPsec: fixed fragmented IP traffic forwarding
  • AdguardDNS: fixed "unable to extract domain from request" errors
  • TSMB: fixed WSD service support for IP aliases (@m__a__l reported)
  • TSMB: fixed listing of filenames longer than 255 bytes
  • Newly supported USB modems:
    • Digma Dongle DW1961
    • Digma Dongle DMW1969
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  • ndm unfeatured this topic

Release 3.3.11 (official beta):

Release 3.3.12 (official beta → stable):

  • Web: fixed the DSL configuration step of the Initial Setup Wizard
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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 3.3.16 (official beta → stable):

  • improved internet checking algorithm:
    • reduced the number of simultaneous connections
    • enabled sequential polling of test servers
    • enabled dynamic polling interval
  • TSMB: fixed issue with not listing files and directories (@psm68 reported)
  • TSMB: fixed printing issue ("invalid printer name" in response to "OpenPrinterEx")
  • Web: fixed directory access control configuration (@Joe D reported)
  • Web: fixed Release notes reference (@r13 reported)
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