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Changelog 3.4


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3.4 is a stable branch based on Linux 4.9, see also changelog 3.3.

Supported models:

  • Giga (KN-1010)
  • Start (KN-1110, KN-1111)
  • 4G (KN-1210, KN-1211)
  • Lite (KN-1310, KN-1311)
  • Omni (KN-1410)
  • City (KN-1510)
  • Air (KN-1610, KN-1611)
  • Extra (KN-1710, KN-1711)
  • Ultra (KN-1810)
  • Viva (KN-1910)
  • Omni DSL (KN-2011)
  • Extra DSL (KN-2111)
  • Speedster (KN-3010)
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Release 3.4 Alpha 1:

  • HTTP: implemented WebDAV support — https://{hostname}/webdav (@MDP requested)
    • ip http webdav enable — enable the service
    • ip http webdav security-level (public | private) — enable/disable access from the internet
    • ip http webdav permissive — ignore filesystem ACL
    • ip http webdav root {directory} — setup root directory
    • user {name} tag webdav — enable WebDAV access for the user
    • show ip http webdav — show the current status
  • SSH: implemented SFTP support (@krass requested)
    • ip ssh sftp enable — enable the service
    • ip ssh sftp permissive — ignore filesystem ACL
    • ip ssh sftp root {directory} — setup root directory
    • user {name} tag sftp — enable SFTP access for the user
    • show ssh sftp — show the current status
  • USB: supported QMI modems:
    • Qualcomm MDM9207 (PID 9025)
    • SIMCom 7100E, 7230E, 7600E
    • Anydata W140
    • Sierra MC7710
    • Quectel EC25-E
    • Megafon E392, E397, E398, EC106, E352, M100-1
    • MTS 320D, EC306
    • Longcheer LU1107
    • ZTE MF821D
  • USB: supported modems:
    • Digma DW1961, DMW1969
    • Tele2 D402
  • MWS: implemented backhaul access point shutdown (@Loredan requested)
    • mws backhaul shutdown
  • DNS: implemented DNS Rebinding protection (@SecretSanta requested)
    • [no] dns-proxy rebind-protect (strict | auto)
  • DNS: implemented NOTIMPL response to IQUERY(1)
  • DLNA: enabled for VPN clients:
    • user {name} tag vpn-dlna
  • DSL: implemented SNR margin offset configuration:
    • interface adsl snr-margin-offset {snr-margin-offset} — adjust ADSL SNR margin offset from -10 to 10 dB
    • interface vdsl snr-margin {snr-margin} — adjust VDSL SNR margin from 4 to 30 dB (default: 8 dB)
  • 802.1x: fixed PEAP/MS-CHAPv2 authentication (@Алексей Подвойский reported)
  • Web: fixed UI lagging vs. huge number of dynamic routes (@Alexander Kudrevatykh reported)
  • SNMP: fixed CVE-2020-6058, CVE-2020-6059, CVE-2020-6060
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Release 3.4 Alpha 4:

  • Wi-Fi: implemented PMF and WPA3-PSK/OWE support on the Wireless ISP client
  • USB: implemented safe detachment of SCSI/SATA media on system reboot, or FN action; added new commands:
    • system eject {name} — unmount partitions and detach a USB media device
    • show media [name] — show information about attached USB media devices
  • SSH: implemented chacha20-poly1305 compatibility and ed25519 key support
  • IPsec: fixed hardware-accelerated operation using 3des-sha256-dh-group-14 in both phases
  • Wireguard: fixed VoIP one-way RTP communication
  • TSMB: fixed resource discovery for Popcorn PCH-C300, and Dune media players
  • fixed uptime calculation in the "show ip hotspot" list (@bigpu reported)

Release 3.4 Alpha 5:

  • HTTP: fixed web-interface logon with no admin password
  • Web: fixed USB storage status (@panda74 reported)
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Release 3.4 Alpha 6:

  • added upstream-rate parameter to the commands:
    • interface traffic-shape
    • ip traffic-shape host
    • ip traffic-shape unknown-host
  • Web: added the "eject" button for USB storage devices
  • Web: added WebDAV settings (see the "Private Cloud" application page)
  • DNS: removed from the anti-rebind lists (@r3L4x reported)
  • VDSL: fixed single profile assignment (@WMac reported)
  • PPP: fixed CVE-2020-8597
  • Opkg: added gspca_sonixj kernel module
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Release 3.4 Alpha 7:

  • DLNA: fixed router icon
  • IGMP: fixed multicast_snooping deactivation on Bridge interfaces
  • IPsec: fixed IKE and TS lifetime for L2TP/IPsec and VirtualIP
  • WebDAV: fixed USB storage access (@tld14 reported)
  • improved internet checking algorithm (@Space Alex reported)
  • reduced "Wireguard handshake" logging (@r13 reported)
  • fixed "lock precedence violation: IPV6_SUBNETS" (@r13 reported)
  • fixed "ip nat" netmask parsing (@KorDen reported)
  • Web: fixed Wireguard key validation
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Release 3.4 Alpha 9:

  • implemented ping-check interface restart:
    • interface {name} ping-check restart [interface] — enable {interface} restart (optional argument defaults to {name})
    • ping-check {name} restart-interface — obsoleted
  • Wi-Fi: fixed the 20/40/80 MHz bandwidth setting for mt7615
  • Wireguard: reduced the default MTU size to 1324 bytes
  • OpenVPN: removed redundant hosts from the device list (@unuixsoid reported)
  • Web: fixed DSL connection priority setting (@TheBB reported)
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 Release 3.4 Alpha 10:

  • implemented host traffic filtering (ip hotspot host deny) based on MAC address, against IP address detection lag
  • TSMB: fixed issue with not listing files and directories (@psm68 reported)
  • TSMB: fixed printing issue ("invalid printer name" in response to "OpenPrinterEx")
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Release 3.4 Alpha 11:

  • Wi-Fi: implemented Kr00k protection (CVE-2019-15126)
  • L2TP: fixed control connection shutdown
  • L2TP: fixed source port change on reconnection
  • VPN: fixed communication between clients of different VPN services
  • IPsec: fixed tunnel traffic accounting
  • IPsec: fixed IP alias support (@KorDen reported)
  • IPsec: fixed scheduled tunnel connection (@keshun reported)
  • Web: fixed directory access control configuration (@Joe D reported)
  • Web: fixed Release notes reference (@r13 reported)
  • Web: fixed unregistered traffic monitoring in a separate tab (@bigpu reported)
  • OpenSSL: updated to 1.1.1e
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Released 3.4 Alpha 12:

  • improved internet checking algorithm:
    • reduced the number of simultaneous connections
    • enabled sequential polling of test servers
    • enabled dynamic polling interval
  • fixed "SSL_read() failed" error on extenders (@AndreBA reported)
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Release 3.4 Alpha 13:

  • Wi-Fi: fixed Class-2 error handling for backhaul connections
  • TSMB: added Change Notification support (@WMac reported)
  • Web: fixed configuration saving for ICMP-based ping-check interfaces
  • OpenSSL: updated to 1.1.1f
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Release 3.4 Beta 0 (pre-beta):

  • Wi-Fi: added IEEE 802.11h DFS support for Mesh Wi-Fi System to prevent interference with satellites and radars using the same 5 GHz frequency band. In the case of radar signal detection, the router, acting as Wi-Fi System Controller, will coordinate the switch to another Wi-Fi channel for all extenders included in the Wi-Fi System.
  • Printer: imlepemented status polling turn-off:
    • printer {name} no status-polling
  • Web: added an upstream rate configuration for registered hosts
  • Web: added multiple toggle switches to the "Private cloud" tile
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Release 3.4 Beta 1 (official beta):

  • WebDAV: enabled directory listing in a web browser
  • AdGuard: restored service availability checking
  • DSL: fixed SNR margin offset configuration
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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 3.4.1 (stable):

  • DNS: disabled rebind protection for (@Andrew Voronkov reported)
  • DNS: disabled rebind protection for the plex.direct domain
  • Web: added signal level and 4G/3G network indication for USB modems
  • Web: added physical port number indication for wired connections
  • Web: added gateway and DNS server information to the extender's dashboard
  • Web: fixed schedule configuration for handheld browsers
  • Web: fixed private cloud access control settings
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Release 3.4.2 (official beta):

  • Wi-Fi: implemented WPA3-PSK Fast Transition (FT-SAE)
  • Wi-Fi: implemented a separate PMK cache for FT and WPA3
  • Wi-Fi: fixed GTK rekey for FT transitioned clients (for mt7615/mt7613 chipsets)
  • Wi-Fi: fixed Fast Transition PMK-R1 key storage overflow
  • SSTP: improved compatibility with AnyVPN SSTP Connector
  • USB: fixed storage mounting failures
  • USB: added Quectel EP06 (QMI) modem support
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Release 3.4.4 (official beta):

  • fixed dependency calculation of bridged interfaces (@Кинетиковод reported)
  • USB: increased descriptor read tolerance for storage devices
  • USB: fixed "3G/4G QMI" compatibility with E392 modems
  • Wi-Fi: fixed WPS operation for WPA2+WPA3 PSK security
  • Web: fixed drag-drop function in "Connection priorities" (@AndyFM reported)
  • Web: fixed host selection in the "Traffic monitor" (@r777ay reported)
  • Web: fixed port configuration blocking on extenders (@enterfaza reported)
  • Web: fixed selected timezone option style (@enterfaza reported)
  • Web: fixed "undefined" in the Wi-Fi system extender status (@AlexUnder2010 reported)
  • Web: fixed host schedule retention after denying access to the internet
  • Web: fixed traffic-shape settings for unregistered devices
  • Web: fixed DHCP pool calculation for newly created segments
  • Web: fixed NAT configuration saving for segments
  • Web: added remote access configuration for extenders
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  • 1 month later...

Release 3.4.10 (official beta):

  • MWS: enabled 2.4 GHz backhaul for all extenders in a single-band controller network
  • USB: added Sierra EM7455 modem support
  • Web: disabled automatic Wi-Fi blacklisting of newly registered devices
  • Web: limiting the number of selected language packages

Attention: deployed the new firmware signing certificate to the cloud infrastructure. Previously saved firmware files can be uploaded using the TFTP recovery only.


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