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  1. Sıfırlama butonu basılınca ayarların üzerine yazmayı yazılımsal olarak devre dışı bırakabilirlerse çok güzel olur. Çeşitli durumlarda sıfırlama gerekince sıfırlama butonuna basılı tuttuktan sonra router only port 1 deki cihazdan manuel formatlama modu vb. bir özelliği açmak tarzında birşeyde eklenebilir. Böylece her önüne gelen iğne ile reset düğmesiyle uğraşınca amacına ulaşamaz.
  2. Google Translate: I lost my connection with the mesh devices after I did the update.
  3. "mws reboot" var zaten düğmesini eklemeleri zor olmaz sanırım. 🙂
  4. Google Translate: I need this feature more and more, the modem CPU cannot stand it, it locks itself, I have to unplug it and plug it in to fix it. @admin
  5. https://adguard-dns.io/kb/general/dns-providers 👍
  6. Google Translate: With the alpha 2 update, the ipv6 route came back, but ipv6 was not like this before, I think there is a problem with the settings. Websites load slowly. and my ipv6 address is different on sites.
  7. Google Translate: IPv6 prefix and address are defined but route is not defined. Do you have a similar situation ?
  8. Google Translate: I did it with opkg but I would appreciate if you add it to the interface anyway.
  9. Google Translate: Since my computer case was making a lot of noise, I took it under the table and left a few materials on it, so I have difficulty accessing the on-off button on the case. The modem is standing right in front of me. When I press the wifi button on the modem, I want my computer to be turned on via wol. Can you add wol feature to wifi button options?
  10. Google Translate: Could you add an option to turn off showing messages for local ip? It's making a lot of spam log messages.
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