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  1. KYTECHNGAMING's post in 4.2 Alpha 9 was marked as the answer   
    Fixed. 4.2.A.10

  2. KYTECHNGAMING's post in [4.1.x] Select nodes for device was marked as the answer   
    Solved. Thanks 

  3. KYTECHNGAMING's post in 3.9.A.8 - Transmission Issue was marked as the answer   
    it will be fixed next version. 👍
  4. KYTECHNGAMING's post in DSL Connection / interface PPPoE0 description " " / Description cleared itself was marked as the answer   
    @Alex Sh. 
    With version 3.7.7 or 3.7.8, the descriptions were mapped and the deletion problem was eliminated. Thanks.

  5. KYTECHNGAMING's post in [REQ] NextDNS Profile Button was marked as the answer   
    Endless love and respect to the Keenetic software development team, who developed more than what was required

  6. KYTECHNGAMING's post in SMB Share Password Fail was marked as the answer   
    Fixed!! Just turn off SMB and on again. Interesting. 
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