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  1. hello, I have additional files, 5 ghz wifi is not working anymore? could someone check to log please log (4).txt
  2. first of all I want to thank for all people who contributed such a great software. thanks for saving us from boring Broadcom default gui. It is well designed and include every needs of soho users. I'm not just a simple user but also I worked nearly 10 year for one of the biggest modem(ADSL/VDSL) supplier for Turkish Telekom. if you download something(movie, game, application etc) from privet tracker site there are some rules to release that content. they have to be in rar format and must be split. After every download you have to extract it. for 4k releases it is very time consuming thing. I tested manual unrar command it worked perfectly(30-40 gb extracted). But if I can add a simple script it will be automated.
  3. Dear Support Team I have some questions about 5Ghz wifi network. my router periodically searching for radar. Can I disable it. Because it disconnects all 5 ghz network. Also devices connected to wifi reluctant to connect at 5ghz even they are very close to router, even I switch band steering to 5ghz. Another strange phenomenon 5 ghz network completely disappear. At the gui I can see it is working but there is no 5ghz wifi on the air. Last question if I choice 100 channel number from advanced configuration, the device should it stick to this channel? why am I seeing different channel numbers? log.txt
  4. thanks for your feedback I definitely agree with you but installing OPKG and installing unrar is easy but adding any script to transmission(download center) needs a pro help. BR
  5. Dear Keenetic Team is it possible to add Unpack / Unrar Completed torrents script to download center.? there are lots of pre tested and working scripts for transmmisions. The idea here download torrent and extract download rar files and add to the media server. I'm attaching one sample script file. posttorrent.sh
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