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  1. I understand you point but for example official wireguard android app routes DNS servers and it's preventing DNS leaks. Really you should consider automatic routes for DNS. Maybe you can pointing this fact (user needs to static route their DNS for preventing DNS leaks) on the UI or at least on the documentation. Thank you. Best regards.
  2. Wireguard is not routing DNS servers automatically (added to wireguard interface) to like OpenVPN did. That's why DNS leak is occurring. Manually routing DNS servers to is fixing the problem. Is it know issue? If so please fix it. Thank you. Keenetic Viva - firmware 3.6.10
  3. Can I feature request this? Where is the problem? If you don't mind I want to know.
  4. Hi, I am trying to use DNS over TLS/HTTPS for my clients except my TV. My TV is using OpenVPN connection. But unfortunately my OpenVPN connection is using my DoT instead of my VPN's DNS. Because of that there is a DNS leak and I can't watch geo blocked content on my TV. My setup is: Connected to My ISP with PPPoE Connected to My VPN with OpenVPN My TV's connection priority set to VPN. PS: I can make it work with "Internet safety > Cloudflare DNS" and disable protection (No Protection) for my TV. But I can't achieve same thing with DNS over TLS/HTTPS
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