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  1. is there an app/ to install to see the kind of traffic being generated from the device-example to identify youtube and to block the application categories? was reading https://www.ipoque.com/news-media/press-releases/keenetic-boosts-wireless-network-performance-with-dpi
  2. anyone having issues with KeenDNS of late?
  3. i had set up KeenDNS on the titan router however now seeing an error Keenetic domain name Attempting to reconnect... Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks Sergey..i shall try it out.. so its possible that the Keentic can act as a client to commercial VPN providers as well as it can act as a server for incoming requests? can we then define a policy for the incoming connection to make use of the already created WG connections which is going through the commercial VPNs
  5. Hello there, I just recently bought a Keenetic Titan and have set up the wireguard to connect as a client after importing some commercial VPN config file. I was wondering if it was possible to also use the same device as a server which can allow me to access the home network when outside? Regards,
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