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  1. @eralde 1) When updating from 4.2 alpha 7 to the first alpha 8 the PPPoE password was deleted, we had to add it again. 2) After the update, the "mobility domain id" and "mobility domain key" fields were deleted, I filled them again, but the "mobility domain id" field is not saved. UI problem, the data is in the config. 3) The "wifi mesh system" page is not loaded in the new interface
  2. I don't quite understand your first message. Aren't the "Smart Queue Management" and "Application classification and prioritization" features independent of each other? I just wanted an on/off feature for the Smart Queue Management feature because it limits the speed according to the value entered. Maybe the user may want to remove or disable it later. ------- Yes I agree with that, if we are not forced to enter integers in mbps, it will indirectly work the same as kbps.
  3. Hello. I think IntelliQoS is missing a few controls. @eralde These are : 1) Enable / disable 2) MBPS / KBPS selection Feature 1 is needed because : SQM cannot be disabled, there is no control for this in the new interface. When you want to disable it, you cannot enter the value 0 or leave it empty. The 2nd feature is needed for the following reason: Sometimes users may want to fine tune the speed in KBPS. I think it would be good to give this choice to the user. https://ibb.co/mBtd1xD
  4. Hello @eralde. There is a small spelling mistake in the Turkish language. It says "ipv4" where it should say "ipv6". Actually, that is the ipv6 section. There is no problem in English language, there is this problem in Turkish language. Tr : https://ibb.co/F0fscdy En : https://ibb.co/yQ16cNr
  5. Yes exactly, I noticed it in Alpha 15 but I forgot to report it. I thought you didn't report it because it wasn't fixed in Alpha 16, but as usual you did.
  6. Hello @eralde @Anna Zhelankina. There is an error in application names in the new interface. Also there is something called "private-cloud" in the new interface. What is this because there is no such thing in the old interface. https://ibb.co/ssNPCP8 https://ibb.co/cTMS0Vm
  7. Hello. The title is a bit off. The reason is the 26px space on the left side. It will be fixed if the CSS rule is removed. @eralde @Anna Zhelankina Before After
  8. Good news. I'm wondering, is the source of the problem related to the interface or something else ? Does it have anything to do with the old problem and fix I posted above?
  9. Hello @eralde. @Padavan doesn't seem to be active for a long time. Were you able to determine the cause of the problem in the background?
  10. This is another proof that in the data coming to the page via RCI, i.e. in "show mws member", it looks correct, but in the interface it looks wrong. https://ibb.co/vH6CvgK
  11. In the "show mws member" output, "mode": "11ac". It also appears as "AC" in Selftest. If the data is taken from the "show mws member" output, how can it be wrong on the interface when the "show mws member" output has the correct data ? My device is already connected with 5ghz, not 2.4ghz. 5ghz 2x2 80mhz In this case, the data in the "show mws member" output matches the "mode" data on the interface of the extender device, but the data on the controller device does not match. Contrary to what you say, the data on the interface of the controller device should be corrected, not the data on the interface of the extender device. show mws member (controller) controller extender
  12. Maybe the problem is related to the problem and fix in the link below. Maybe it could be a clue...
  13. Hello. Thank you for your concern. The command "show mws associations" was executed on the "controller" device. Anyway, no response will be returned when this command is written to the extender device. In the next hidden message I will tag you and attach the self-test file from both devices. show ip hotspot
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