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  1. Simone


    I also recently got the Titan 2nd generation AX, and I see that the speedtest in IPv4 reaches 930 Mbps in IPv4 (https://www.speedtest.net/result/c/948d22c8-1d32-4bf1-aa9f-c0bcc8e507bc - https://www.speedtest.net/result/c/69d52820-cf76-45c5-a7b5-54e0f2ee444e) compliments for the implementation. If I understood @fl4co correctly, the commands to increase the MTU should be: interface GigabitEthernet0 ip mtu 1520 interface GigabitEthernet0/Vlan101 ip mtu 1520 interface GigabitEthernet0/Vlan101/MapT0 ip mtu 1520 but they do not work and the maximum MTU that can be set is 1514
  2. Hello, I upgraded from alpha 11 to alpha 19 yesterday and can no longer no longer get wireguard vpn working with alpha 19 and am currently locked out of the router in VPN. Is there any reason for this?
  3. I'll wait for alpha 11 then. I confirm that I cannot exceed 300 Mbps in IPv6...
  4. Sorry for the late reply, but I see that with 4-ALPHA 10 you have fixed the bug without my help. I am very happy. The performance in IPv6 is worse, it seems < 500 Mbps out of 1000 Mbps, tomorrow I will analyse better.
  5. I too had to rollback from 4-ALPHA 3 because I was not surfing. As soon as I have a moment I can do the self test, perhaps with alpha 5.
  6. Simone


    No, the ideal would be to have a higher download speed, i.e. up to 930 Mbps, of course the values are good (and I don't ask more for a MISP, in fact I want to try it as soon as the Keenetic Hopper or the Keenetic Sprinter come out)., but there is always a delta of 150-200 Mbps compared to the speed the line offers. The line is limited to 300 Mbps upload. I can certainly send the data to support. I don't agree that this is OK for most people that use MAP-T, having an easy way to set the MTU to 1500 and not 1480 allows you to have a higher MTU in VPNs and have the highest value without jumbo frames possible. I also believe that many providers using MAP-T/E will increase the standard MTU to have the mini jumbo frames and put a v4 MTU at 1500. In any case, should I increase the value on MapT0?
  7. Simone


    FTTH 1000/300 Mbps Sky MAP-T with Keenetic HERO AX Honestly, I am incredulous of the performance (in IPv4 with offloading), I am used to seeing poor results on most of the hardware I have seen/tested. I want to congratulate all the Keenetic staff who did a great job. In particular a raspberry pi only works with a customised image made by a forum.fibra.click user that modifies the load balancing management between the cpu's for a moment and requires a specific NIC tp link. Despite this, very good performance is only achieved in IPv6, a speedtest server in IPv4 witout offloading gives results in line with or worse than other devices with OpenWrt, but with offloading the performance are good!. In any case, the values eventually settle at very similar devices such as the belkin ax3200 with a very similar hw. 3.8.5 (no offloading) 3.9 Beta 1 (offloading) Then we come to the MTU side, which has never been written about on this forum but I imagine the engineers who have worked on it know: MAP-T requires an extra 20 bytes of MTU per packet in IPv4, there are two solutions: increase the IPv6 MTU to 1520 decrease the IPv4 MTU to 1480 If not handled correctly this causes problems on sites such as atm.it, ebay. All of these sites do, so again I congratulate the person who made this implementation. What's more, it works the site that never worked in the openwrt implementation of MAP-T www1.sky.com/opensourcesoftware/ As you can see from speedguide.net/analyzer.php it is reduced to 1480 because MTUs above 1500 are not supported, the other option would also be convenient. what is missing from this implementation? implementation of the possibility of requesting an IPv6 prefix (sky leaves the possibility of requesting a prefix that you have already obtained via ia_pd), this was implemented by a user of the forum.fibre.click on openwrt, the patch can be found here https://github.com/edofullin/odhcp6c Jumbo Frame to allow you to have a MTU > 1500 and thus not have to have a 1480 MTU in IPv4. (the OP tells me it is possible via CLI, as soon as I have some time I will test it) Better IPv4 performance, performance in IPv6 is very good (I hope that improving the hw/sw offloading will bring about the canonical 930 Mbps in IPv4).
  8. Simone


    New chipsets like MT7622B (which is not released in Europe)? or as products not yet released with wifi 6 (not even in russia)? I knew that broadcom had a hardware-accelerated implementation of MAP-T, but it was not so well working according to Sky Italia. I'm happy for the software acceleration. It would still be interesting to see if you get at least 500 Mbps with MAP-T.
  9. Simone


    I am very happy with this information, then I will get a Keenetic to try it ASAP. Can you get information on the presence or absence of hardware acceleration and performance? I thought so, since it seems to be compatible with a high number of devices anyway. Very good!
  10. Simone


    Today the French mobile operator Free/Iliad, launched its fiber offering in Italy, similar to Sky for the lack of IPv4 the Iliad fiber uses MAP-E and a 4in6 tunnel (rfc2473). In France it uses since 2015 in non-densely populated areas a version of MAP-E a moment acerbic apparently from French forums, also often referred to as 4rd (although it has nothing to do with RFC 7600), as configuration from DHCPv6 does not seem possible. The operator offers very high speeds in terms of Gbps, despite this in areas where the deployment of ftth is older offers the classic speed of 1Gbps. A keenetic router as long as it works well could be a good solution for cities where there is the maximum limit of 1Gbps (like Milan, Turin and Bologna, 3 of the most important cities in Italy). From the guides for the free router it seems that it is possible to configure IPv4 even without MAP-E support, most likely it is part of a separate pool to offer IP 1:1 to those who request it, through a 4in6 tunnel (rfc2473). If the router supports MAP-E in Italy, at least from the first information it seems that it can be configured by DHCPv6 (unlike in France). From early February we will know more information about IPv4 share ratio and other details about MAP-E, like if it uses many disjointed ranges like Sky or few contiguous ranges like in France. I wanted to know if along with MAP-T development there is MAP-E development, and if keenetic support 4in6 tunnels (rfc2473). If I am not mistaken MAP-E is also used in Japan with a share of 1:256.
  11. Simone


    I am happy and hope it comes soon.
  12. Simone


    I am also interested to know if there is any news, Sky Italia is offering I think the best offer in the field of connections, it's a shame that I'm covered by FTTC/VDSL and unfortunately there are no third party CPE compatible with MAP-T and FTTC (if not using unlocked and modded modems of the former incumbent as it uses a very pure OpenWrt*), so I'm very interested to know if MAP-T support will arrive or not in the short time. *also with MAP-T 1:X with X != 1 and a third party CPE with OpenWrt, has the big problem that only the first range of ports is used, so most of the port of the IP address is wasted.
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