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  1. Hi Keenetic Team, I'm very happy with our Keenetic devices and I find the software especially fantastic. Amazing work what the Russian team of NDM Systems is doing there! However I'm also worried with the international conflict and the resulting tensions and security threads coming along. This article touches a bit on this: https://macandegg.com/2022/03/kaspersky-and-keenetic-routers-russian-software-compromiseable/ I find it a bit troubling, that the Github Repo was taken down. I'd very much appreciate a comment, some explanation or a statement regarding Keenetics stand on the potential problems here. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your helpful answer! 1) Cool to hear! 2) Yes, that makes sense, thanks! 3) In our setup we have a modem, which is also the main router + DHCP server. We're a small business and in order for our employees to access the network, we have a OpenWRT router running as a Wireguard server. It's basically just a client in our network and I set a port-forwarding in the main router, so the OpenWRT router can be reached from outside. Basically I just want to replace this OpenWRT router and use the Wireguard functionality in our Keenetic Access Points.
  3. Hi everyone, I already mentioned it in another thread and there was no satisfying answer. In our company network architecture, three Keenetic Skipper are used for the wifi network and they have to run in AP/Extender mode. For no apparent reason the VPN settings and guest wifi settings are simply not visible/exposed in AP/Extender operating mode. There is no technical reason for this and in our case, this takes valuable functionality away. We need these functionalities and it's a shame to not be able to use them, although they exist. Please, Keenetic, consider exposing these features also in AP/Extender mode. Shouldn't be a hard task, given that everything already exists and nothing new needs to be implemented. Thanks a lot in advance! Best, David
  4. I agree, this would be a useful feature. More importantly in my eyes however: Why are the guest wifi setting not exposed/visible, when the router is in AP mode? In my company we're using three Keenetic Skippers for the Wifi and they have to run in Access point/Extender mode. For no apparent reason, the Guest Wifi settings and also VPN server settings are simply not visible/usable. I would need both. Is this something that we can fix? The settings exist and there is no reason to hide them in AP mode... That would be a massive improvement for us!
  5. Hm KeeneticOS isn't cloud based. It's running on my own device. The online access to its web GUI it just works through Keenetics dynamic DNS service - basically exposing my GUI to the internet with a URL. And this works with my Keenetic devices, even though they are in AP mode. So why isn't VPN not accessible in AP mode? There simply isn't a technical reason for it. (for example right now I use an OpenWRT device as an access point and wireguard server. I would like to replace that with the Keenetic AP, though). I do not want to use it in WISP or provider mode because my main modem and router is a different device with different requirements. I simply can't change my network architecture in this way. Would love to hear from Keenetic, why they think it makes sense to not expose Wireguard/VPN settings in AP mode.
  6. Well, I want to use my Keenetic as the wireguard "server". And access the internal network from the internet. In my use case ther is no need for external VPN providers. Keenetic even allows me to connect to their web interface remotely in AP/Extender mode. So why not VPN?
  7. Hey everyone, thanks for your quick answers. This is what I expected. I'm just wondering: Why is that? Why shouldn't I use the VPNs in other modes? As far as i can see, there is no technical problem preventing this.
  8. Hi everyone, I don't speak Russian, so I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed before. Basically my KN-1910 is in the "Access Point/Extender" mode and I'd like to use Wireguard. Unfortunately, in the web interface there is no option to set it up. According to the Keenetic docs, the setup can be done in the "Other Connections" category - but that simply doesn't exist in my operating mode. Am I just too blind to find it or is this simply a bug? Thanks a lot in advance for your answers! Best, David
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