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  1. Hello, I want to use my operators IPTV Box without any issues on my Keenetic device and my operators ZTE Router applies another WAN Mac to VID 103 Device. Which is routers MAC adress but +1 in hexadecimal base (Eg. If routers MAC is xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:09 then use xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:0A for VID 103 (IPTV))
  2. Hello, I want to give a local ip (192.168.1.x) to my IPTV STB Box. But as i can see if i apply an Vlan ID to a LAN Port it looks like impossible to do that for now. I want to establish DHCP connection with my IPTV STB Box. Normally my operator's ZTE Router does that, Applies Vlan ID 103 and gives an Local IP to device then device uses DHCP to connect. Which looks like better in my case to use my operators IPTV Box.
  3. Also normally on ISP's ZTE router connections looks like this Pppoe is normal internet and dhcp is iptv
  4. Hello, recently i bought keenetic hero dsl and using it in router mode with my fttb fiber internet. I also have my operators IPTV called Turkcell TV+ , there are some people that can use it without any issues but unfortunately i cant. My main issue is when STB is in standby mode i guess it looses VLAN ID 103 connection and it says check network connection and doesnt reconnects automaticly so i have to unplug and replug the STB's power to reboot it. Second issue is channel transition speed. Normally if i use it with isp's router i can switch channels in less than half of second but with keenetic it takes 4.5 seconds to change a channel. I saw some people which uses some openwrt router and uses that iptv box without any issue and also they shared an tutorial to setup it in openwrt but i cant setup in that way with keenetic os. I tried step 4 with igmpproxy installed from opkg but seems like doesnt work and also tried 5. Im sharing that tutorial below, maybe you guys know how to adapt in keenetic os Here is tutorial Turkcell TV+ Routed mode with OpenWRT 1) NETWORK - INTERFACES Devices - br-lan - Configure - Advanced - Enable IGMP snooping: SELECTED (Save&Apply) Devices - Add device config - type:vlan802.1q, base device: wan, vlanid:103, enable ip6:OFF, MAC: wan interfaces mac adress but 1 more in base 16. (Save&Apply) Example: if wan mac is xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:09 then use xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:0A for iptv Interfaces - Add new interface Name:iptv, dhcp-client, device: (software vlan) wan.103 - Create interface Advanced: Use default gateway: OFF, Use DNS servers advertised by peer: OFF Firewall settings: Create/assign - custom:iptv (Save&Apply) 2) NETWORK - FIREWALL - General Zone:lan EDIT - Allow forward to destination zones: SELECT wan+iptv (Save&Apply) Zone:iptv EDIT - input:accept, output:accept, forward:reject, Masquerading:SELECTED, MSS clamping:SELECTED (Save&Apply) 3) STATUS - ROUTING - In IPv4 Neighbours Table copy Interface (iptv.103) Router ip adress. NETWORK - ROUTING - Add: interface:iptv, target:, gateway:ROUTERIP interface:iptv, target:, gateway:ROUTERIP interface:iptv, target:, gateway:ROUTERIP interface:iptv, target:, gateway:ROUTERIP (Save&Apply) 4) System - Software - Update Lists Install igmpproxy vi /etc/config/igmpproxy config igmpproxy option quickleave 1 config phyint option network iptv option zone iptv option direction upstream list altnet config phyint option network lan option zone lan option direction downstream 5) SYSTEM - Time Sync - NTP server candidates remove all time servers and add this: cpentp.superonline.net
  5. Hello, im using Operator's IPTV Box with VLAN ID 103 but its Channel transition speed is very slow with keenetic. Normally people uses it with some openwrt routers and enables IGMP Quickleave which sends leave instantly so channel transitions became normal. Also Quickleave is a normal IGMP Proxy feature and i think its not enabled on keenetic os. I wish that its added on next alpha builds.
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