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  1. Hi @Le ecureuil, Community Please advise if there are any updates on the matter? Maybe it's possible already or there is an ETA?
  2. Hi dear forum Community, Please advise if it's possible to do HTTP requests say every 1 minute from Keenetic devices. I'd like to be able to monitor availability of my home electricity and internet provider via https://healthchecks.io/ . This is what they do https://healthchecks.io/docs/configuring_checks/ : Healthchecks.io is a service for monitoring cron jobs (see guide) and similar periodic processes: Healthchecks.io listens for HTTP requests ("pings") from your cron jobs and scheduled tasks. It keeps silent as long as pings arrive on time. It raises an alert as soon as a ping does not arrive on time. Healthchecks.io works as a dead man's switch for processes that need to run continuously or on a regular, known schedule. This is what they need https://healthchecks.io/docs/http_api/ : All ping endpoints support: HTTP and HTTPS HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 2 IPv4 and IPv6 HEAD, GET, and POST requests methods. The HTTP POST requests can optionally include diagnostic information in the request body. If the request body looks like a UTF-8 string, Healthchecks.io stores the request body (limited to the first 100KB for each received ping). Successful responses will have the "200 OK" HTTP response status code and a short "OK" string in the response body. It's possible on Mikrotik routers and my friends set it up, it's possible from even old Android smartphone, but is it possible from Keenetic? I'm sure it should be, but please advise - how! I tried to dig into usage of https://curl.se/ with Keenetic, but little luck. I found https://community.openhab.org/t/presence-detection-with-keenetic-or-maybe-other-opkg-routers/125250 , I installed OPKG packages in System Components, but - since I am using Keenetic Air - I don't have a USB flash drive port to execute opkg install curl Is it dead end? Is there any other way to do this, maybe simpler, from CLI or any other? Thanks forward for any advice!
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