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SQM like luci




I have just upgraded my dsl modem to Keenetic Extra DSL last week. I am very happy with the interface. Very nice and clean design. But my main goal to buy this device was only sqm/openwrt. Since it is advertised to support openwrt packages I touht that I can install or as in front of the box it says QOS so I made up my mind and bought it. When I open the interface and enable QoS it said QoS is not queuing only work on torrent traffic. Which lowered my expectations and I have opened the dslreport speed test but there were no change on my buffer bloat score (D). So I installed the entware but it also doesnt support sqm-scripts because it is a user mode addon. So I know sqm takes too much cpu but I dont need speed I need stable connection and no buffer bloat. My network is only 32mbit so extra dsl's cpu should and could easily handle that. SQM should be an industry standart on keenetic modems. Its the only thing I care when I buy one. Please add luci-app-sqm to keenetic.

Best pings,

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6 минут назад, some_dsl_problems сказал:

Which lowered my expectations and I have opened the dslreport speed test but there were no change on my buffer bloat score (D).

What a firmware version do you use? Please try 3.6 Beta 1 from the "Preview" update channel.

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Hello again, Im back home.

Before upgrading I made a test with 3.4.12 Qos enabled :


after upgrade 3.6 beta2 without Qos installed:



Upload did improve but no change on download.


After installing and enabling with auto bandwith mesurement Qos almost the same results like without Qos:

(upload same improvement but no change on download)




After installing Opkg traffic control support:




still no change on download.

And also I couldt find any settings on opkg package in ui.

Qos doesnt seem to do anything. Without it, router acts the same.


Do I miss something?

(all test made with ethernet, no other device connected also)



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ethernet noted
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26 минут назад, Muhep Atasoy сказал:

I'm using 100 Mbps internet over fiber. My test result always F. How can I enable SQM for Keenetic Viva. Is my problem related to my isp?



Why do your fiber is so asymmetic with only 8 mbps available for upload?

And plz write the name of your ISP interface from Keeentic.

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