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IPv6 leak when using Policy Based Routing




I created an IKEv2 connection to a VPN service on my Keenetic router. I created a new connection policy and selected the VPN connection as the only conenction for that policy.

When I assign clients to the VPN policy, their IPv4 traffic is correctly routed via the VPN service. However, the IPv6 traffic keeps going through the main ISP, thus leaking my real IPv6 addresses. The only way to stop this is to disable IPv6 on every client when I assign them to the VPN policy, but this is annoying because I frequently move clients to and from the VPN policy.

I guess maybe it's difficult to block the IPv6 traffic because SLAAC is stateless and the Keenetic router doesn't know which device has an IPv6, but maybe it's possibile to track the MAC addresses?

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