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Julia Rybakova

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Updates June 25, 2021

  • Added  "Two-factor authentication" in the user menu. Quick jump for setting!
  • Fixed the size of the icons in the mobile version of the service. Nothing extra!
  • Updated Support and Feedback links. From the RMM service, by clicking on Support, we now immediately get to the User's manual page, by clicking on Feedback - you get to Forum page
  • Fixed filtering by tags. Convenient to work!
  • And some improvements to the backend


Updates June 30, 2021

  • Fixed missing data on Devices page (topic)
  • Fixed icon's texts (topic)
  • Fixed display of devices in extender mode, added independently in RMM without a mesh system (removed the crown icon) (topic)
  • Added sorting by Network on Devices page (topic)
  • Added checking and displaying of already added routers to the system when importing from the warranty service (topic) [CIR-1148]


Updates July 1, 2021

  • Fixed Telegram integration and connection [CIR-1180]
  • Fixed adding and monitoring non KN-XXXX devices to the RMM [CIR-1181]


Updates July 12, 2021

  • The main navigation of the service has been moved to the left side panel [CIR-1065]
  • Added temporary information about full access to routers when adding members to a team (topic)
  • Fixed sorting of networks when the list contains networks that have been shared with you (topic) [CIR-1178]
  • Added statuses for networks not supported in RMM and fixed the addition of such networks [CIR-1181]
  • Fixed an issue where the host list page was not displayed (topic) [CIR-1075]
  • Fixed URL processing with a slash at the end when adding a network via KeenDNS (topic) [CIR-1205]
  • Updated thresholds for CPU / RAM, now green (normal) displays values <50%, yellow (warning) displays values >= 50% and red (critical) >= 90% [CIR-1179]
  • Fixed empty display of the total number of records when filtering in some cases [CIR-1079]
  • Improved handling of device polling errors
  • Improved error handling on the frontend side of the application
  • Minor improvements and improvements to the layout of the front-end part of the application
  • Fixed a situation where deleted devices and hosts could still showing after deleting a network (topic) [CIR-1075]


Updates July 14, 2021

  • Fixed the navigation in the mobile version through the mobile menu "burger". Now the navigation on desktop and mobile is synchronized (topic) (topic) (topic) [CIR-1240]


Updates July 30, 2021

  • Fixed sending false notifications to Telegram in case of a crash on the data collection server [CIR-1282]
  • Fixed removing the tag by which lists are filtered (topic) [CIR-1144]
  • Fixed some texts and tooltips (topic) [CIR-1254][CIR-1221]
  • Added 3 news to the What's new popup about the new functionality, the release of which has already taken place [CIR-1249]
  • Small fixes and improvements to data collection from routers


Updates August 6, 2021

  • Some improvements on the data collection server [CIR-1299]
  • Fixed icons on the device import popup from Warranty App [CIR-1298]


Updates August 13, 2021

  • Fixed stopping update of some Networks [CIR-1315]
  • Fixed a bug with the renaming of the Network and confirming right for the Network (topic) [CIR-1300]
  • Some improvements on the data collection server


Updates August 23, 2021

  • Fixed network status colors [CIR-1286]
  • Fixed tag creation on Android (topic) [CIR-1170]
  • Improved some text and icons [CIR-1272] [CIR-1261]
  • Increased the threshold for the appearance of the captions about outdated data to 2 minutes [CIR-1327]
  • Fixed tooltips hang [CIR-1196]
  • Fixed bug when confirming the right of the network (topic)
  • Some improvements on the data collection server


Updates August 26, 2021

  • Fixed add and import networks after the last RMM updates


Updates September 1, 2021

Release RMM Beta 2.0 (Release notes)

  • [NEW FEATURE] Network detail page. More information on the help.keenetic.com [CIR-977]
  • [NEW FEATURE] Seamless transition to the web interface of any Keenetic device [CIR-1098]
  • [NEW FEATURE] The contact information for networks [CIR-1324]

Improvements and fixes

  • Added breadcrumb navigation [CIR-1278]
  • Added new columns for the Network List page [CIR-1270]
  • Added new columns for the Device List page [CIR-1000]
  • Fixed markup of the device list column with limits (topic) [CIR-1257]
  • Fixed group selection of networks after filtration (topic) [CIR-1236]
  • Fixed closing mobile navigation (burger menu) after resizing browser viewport (topic) [CIR-1229]
  • Some improvements on the data collection server


Updates September 16, 2021

  • Added a link for the Web interface on the Network Details Page [CIR-1325]
  • Increased the CPU/RAM graph interval from 3 minutes to 1 hour [CIR-1355]
  • Fixed a timeout problem when adding the Network (topic) and improved the Confirm Right form [CIR-1228]
  • Fixed the order for a DSL noise margin params (topic) [CIR-1382]
  • Fixed the tooltip for the toggle navigation button (topic) [CIR-1242]
  • Fixed GUI adaptation for mobile browsers [CIR-1366]
  • Fixed the sorting by segments on the hosts page [CIR-1351]
  • Many small improvements for GUI [CIR-1275] [CIR-1380] [CIR-1356] [CIR-1379] [CIR-1386] [CIR-1363] [CIR-1383] [CIR-1284] [CIR-1364] [CIR-1110] [CIR-1365] [CIR-1364] [CIR-1384] [CIR-1359] 


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Updates October 28, 2021:

  • CIR-1443. Fixed Event Log record addition when tag is assigned or removed from device
  • CIR-1444. Fixed redundant Event Log record addition when tag is assigned or removed from devices by group operation
  • CIR-1212. Fix: Add unique device import filtering
  • CIR-1206. Fixed Device.OsVersion filtering
  • Fix some issues with network rights confirmation
  • CIR-1423. Added information about available OS version update into API
  • CIR-1362. Fixed showing Other (all other devices) at 1st place for Traffic Dist diagram
  • CIR-1210 Made saving pagination page number in URL
  • CIR-1368 Made the state of the main connections plate when the network status is Loading
  • CIR-1405 Fixed closing the add network form after submitting a request
  • CIR-1406 Fixed closing the add address form after submitting a request
  • CIR-1407 Fixed closing of the add contacts form after submitting a request
  • CIR-1370 Made transition from the top panel on the Network Dashboard page to the Devices and Hosts pages
  • CIR-1441 Fixed Other data series disappearing in pie chart
  • CIR-1412 // CIR-1414 Added legal aspects and check-boxes for Demo Request on Landing Page
  • CIR-1399 Renamed CINR parameter to SINR (for 3G / 4G connection)
  • CIR-1400 Renamed tooltip for seamless transition to web interface
  • CIR-1408 Fixed clipping of CPU / RAM graphics on mobile
  • CIR-1438 Cut off spaces at the beginning and end of the name of tags when creating and editing them
  • CIR-1542 Fixed bug after removing tag
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Updates November 24, 2021:

  • CIR-1290 Added new information about incoming / outgoing traffic to the Traffic Distribution diagram
  • CIR-1472 Added new units of measurement to distribution diagrams - now not only GB, but also MB and TB
  • CIR - 1546 Fixed the "Segment" filter
  • CIR-1513 Fixed incorrect calculation of hosts when selecting “all” hosts on the page
  • CIR-1494 Fixed link to go to 2FA page
  • CIR-1373 Updated to a new version of Angular
  • CIR-1475 // CIR-1573 Fixed incorrect operation of the DropDown menu on all pages when scrolling and in different filter scenarios
  • CIR-1571 Updated Error page background
  • CIR-1567 Fixed a bug from a user who had a black screen after logging into the service
  • CIR-1447 Fixed the work of transitions from the Networks page to Hosts through clickable icons within a specific network
  • CIR-1187 Combined buttons in group operations for the case when the same network types are selected - only private or only public
  • CIR-1371 Added device widget for the network - now you can see devices and their statuses on the Networks and Location page
  • CIR-1471 Updated the filter by Model - we added their codes to router models - now if you have a Giga model with different KN-XXXX codes in your network or networks, you can filter by a specific model and see its name
  • CIR-1343 // CIR-1461 Made special RMM 404 and 500 error pages - we hope you won't see them :)
  • CIR-1474 // CIR-1470 // CIR-1498 Fixed ToopTip behavior for icons on different pages and for different scenarios of use on desktop and mobile versions
  • CIR-1448 Fixed incorrect work of transitions and filters in Location
  • CIR-1582 Fixed the incorrect operation of the Devices page
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Updates December 16, 2021:

Beta 3.0 Release:
[NEW] Keenetic OS version update for network controllers
[NEW] Reboot controllers
[NEW] Batch operations for update and reboot
[NEW] Tasks page

CIR-1636 // Removed scroll lock after closing PopUp menu
CIR-1592 // Fixed a bug with underlining the header tab in Location after authorization
CIR-1673 // Fixed highlighting of the "Hosts" icon on the "Devices" page

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Updates February 14, 2022:

New functionality and improvements:

  • [NEW] Updated the TEAM - now you can delete a member and set him access to work in the web interface with public networks
  • Added a Service Code column to the Networks and Devices pages (and to the Location section too!), following a suggestion from the topic
  • Added dynamic column expansion when setting up pages, based on the topic  
  • Removed breadcrumbs on all pages except Location
  • All links from the service open in adjacent tabs
  • Changed Landing Page year to 2022 :)


  • Fixed work of long ToolTip names
  • Fixed incorrect scrolling after opening the group menu and dropdown
  • Fixed the work of Toggle(DarkTheme) on Mobile topic
  • Fixed layout on filters on Mobile
  • Fixed the appearance of a blue background when hiding the toolbar on Mobile topic
  • Added title of graph Hosts on Location
  • Fixed layout on the "Settings" filter on Mobile
  • Fixed the date format on the Tasks page
  • Corrected the design of warning in the "Status" filter on the "Networks, Devices" pages
  • Fixed the mail input field on the Landing page
  • Fixed "Next page" button on Mobile
  • Fixed button when editing Address in Location
  • Fixed PopUp'a "Add address" placeholder on the "Location" page
  • Fixed column names in the table on the Location-Hosts page
  • Fixed ToolTip in Location
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Updates March 15, 2022:

  • Fixed case in the Status filter
  • Fixed sorting by the Name column on the Networks page
  • Fixed sorting by Name, Connection, Model columns on the Devices page
  • Fixed sorting by the Connection column on the Hosts page
  • Fixed display of the firmware version on the Tasks page
  • Removed the ability to import a router that has already been added by another user from the team -  an error is shown
  • Fixed a bug with seamless transition of members of version < 3.7
  • Fixed integration with Telegram when sending notifications ‘changing statuses offline -> online and vice versa’
  • Fixed incorrect display of online hosts when going from the Networks page
  • Fixed side menu for Location networks in Warning + Offline statuses
  • Fixed units for all Location charts
  • Fixed tooltips with units for graphs in Location
  • Added information to the connection block in Location for the mobile version
  • Fixed display of blank pages
  • Increased the time after which log out from the system occurs up to 12 hours
  • Fixed various front fixes
  • Strengthening server capacities for stable operation of RMM
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  • 2 weeks later...

Updates April 12, 2022:

New functionality:

NOTE: to reboot a member, the firmware version of the controller must be 3.8 Alpha 1 or higher


  • Added handling of new errors for connections
  • Added handling of new errors for devices
  • Fixed sorting by the Signal/Protocols column on the Devices page
  • Various interface improvements
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Updates May 12, 2022:

New functionality:

  • [NEW] Added the ability to reboot networks and a bulk operation to reboot multiple networks

NOTE: to reboot a network, the KeeneticOS version of the controller must be 3.8 Alpha 1 or higher

Important!!! In the next few weeks, the Keenetic RMM Beta service will switch to a new mechanism for working with devices - update devices to KeeneticOS firmware version 3.7 and higher

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New mechanism for working with devices!

Dear users,
in the next 2 weeks we will transfer all devices to the new mechanism. We ask all RMM users to update their devices to KeeneticOS 3.7 and above.

  • Users who have devices with KeeneticOS version below 3.7 will additionally receive a reminder notification by mail.
  • The changes will affect the addition of new devices to RMM: the minimum supported version of KeeneticOS will change from 3.6.3 to 3.7+
  • In particular, this update will solve the problem with port 443 and Warning statuses for devices and networks.
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[UPDATE] New mechanism for working with devices!

Dear users, we've successfully completed switching to a new mechanism for working with devices.

  • We recommend supporting KeeneticOS 3.7 and higher
  • The KeeneticOS version for adding new devices is 3.6.3 and higher [still]
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Updates June 16, 2022:

  • Added IP address for controller mesh-system
  • Re-designed Notification - Alerts
  • Added the ability to add multiple Telegram- accounts for Notification
  • Added Bridge connection by Networks and Location
  • Upgrade connection panel for Warning networks. Now you can see advanced information about warning status 
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Updates July 5, 2022


  • Added new events for notifications in Telegram:
    • change statuses on the device (member)
    • device was rebooted (via RMM)
    • network was rebooted (via RMM)
    • device was updated (only for controllers, via RMM)
  • Added an Uptime filter to the Devices page


  • Added the ability to save page pagination - now you can choose once how many  rows of networks / devices to display on the page and when you re-enter this setting will already be saved; topic
  • Split the ‘Address’ column into ‘IPv4’ and ‘MAC address’ for Devices and Hosts;
  • Added the possibility that when an error occurs and the page is reloaded, you remain on the same page that you were before;
  • Fixed the order of statuses in the filter on the Networks and Devices pages - now the order is the same as on the Dashboard;
  • Other interface improvements
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Updates August 8, 2022


  • added diagram connectivity for Dashboard;
  • added the ability to jump to Devices from the Dashboard;
  • added a column with IPv6 data for Devices and sorting


  • split the data column into IPv4 and MAC address and added sorting by each;
  • added “hiding” password (‘eye’) for ‘Add network’ and ‘Confirm right’ popups;
  • fixed returning to the page after visiting the Hosts page with the given parameters
  • fixed the state of the "Add" and "Save" buttons on the Location-Information page
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Updates September 14, 2022:


  • Search hosts by name, IPv4 or MAC address
  • Algorithm for polling and updating networks

Recently, some users have observed problems with displaying graphs or "warning" devices and networks that work correctly. The polling of devices didn’t work fast, which created problems in the correct display of information and statuses.
From 14.09 we will gradually enable this algotithm for all users. Within a few weeks we will transfer all. You don’t need to do anything, this is not related to the firmware versions on your devices.


  • Fixed the font in the team invitation popup
  • Fixed the behavior of service links on errors
  • Fixed saving pagination in the Team section
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