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Julia Rybakova

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Updates June 25, 2021

  • Added  "Two-factor authentication" in the user menu. Quick jump for setting!
  • Fixed the size of the icons in the mobile version of the service. Nothing extra!
  • Updated Support and Feedback links. From the RMM service, by clicking on Support, we now immediately get to the User's manual page, by clicking on Feedback - you get to Forum page
  • Fixed filtering by tags. Convenient to work!
  • And some improvements to the backend


Updates June 30, 2021

  • Fixed missing data on Devices page (topic)
  • Fixed icon's texts (topic)
  • Fixed display of devices in extender mode, added independently in RMM without a mesh system (removed the crown icon) (topic)
  • Added sorting by Network on Devices page (topic)
  • Added checking and displaying of already added routers to the system when importing from the warranty service (topic) [CIR-1148]


Updates July 1, 2021

  • Fixed Telegram integration and connection [CIR-1180]
  • Fixed adding and monitoring non KN-XXXX devices to the RMM [CIR-1181]


Updates July 12, 2021

  • The main navigation of the service has been moved to the left side panel [CIR-1065]
  • Added temporary information about full access to routers when adding members to a team (topic)
  • Fixed sorting of networks when the list contains networks that have been shared with you (topic) [CIR-1178]
  • Added statuses for networks not supported in RMM and fixed the addition of such networks [CIR-1181]
  • Fixed an issue where the host list page was not displayed (topic) [CIR-1075]
  • Fixed URL processing with a slash at the end when adding a network via KeenDNS (topic) [CIR-1205]
  • Updated thresholds for CPU / RAM, now green (normal) displays values <50%, yellow (warning) displays values >= 50% and red (critical) >= 90% [CIR-1179]
  • Fixed empty display of the total number of records when filtering in some cases [CIR-1079]
  • Improved handling of device polling errors
  • Improved error handling on the frontend side of the application
  • Minor improvements and improvements to the layout of the front-end part of the application
  • Fixed a situation where deleted devices and hosts could still showing after deleting a network (topic) [CIR-1075]


Updates July 14, 2021

  • Fixed the navigation in the mobile version through the mobile menu "burger". Now the navigation on desktop and mobile is synchronized (topic) (topic) (topic) [CIR-1240]


Updates July 30, 2021

  • Fixed sending false notifications to Telegram in case of a crash on the data collection server [CIR-1282]
  • Fixed removing the tag by which lists are filtered (topic) [CIR-1144]
  • Fixed some texts and tooltips (topic) [CIR-1254][CIR-1221]
  • Added 3 news to the What's new popup about the new functionality, the release of which has already taken place [CIR-1249]
  • Small fixes and improvements to data collection from routers


Updates August 6, 2021

  • Some improvements on the data collection server [CIR-1299]
  • Fixed icons on the device import popup from Warranty App [CIR-1298]


Updates August 13, 2021

  • Fixed stopping update of some Networks [CIR-1315]
  • Fixed a bug with the renaming of the Network and confirming right for the Network (topic) [CIR-1300]
  • Some improvements on the data collection server


Updates August 23, 2021

  • Fixed network status colors [CIR-1286]
  • Fixed tag creation on Android (topic) [CIR-1170]
  • Improved some text and icons [CIR-1272] [CIR-1261]
  • Increased the threshold for the appearance of the captions about outdated data to 2 minutes [CIR-1327]
  • Fixed tooltips hang [CIR-1196]
  • Fixed bug when confirming the right of the network (topic)
  • Some improvements on the data collection server


Updates August 26, 2021

  • Fixed add and import networks after the last RMM updates


Updates September 1, 2021

Release RMM Beta 2.0 (Release notes)

  • [NEW FEATURE] Network detail page. More information on the help.keenetic.com [CIR-977]
  • [NEW FEATURE] Seamless transition to the web interface of any Keenetic device [CIR-1098]
  • [NEW FEATURE] The contact information for networks [CIR-1324]

Improvements and fixes

  • Added breadcrumb navigation [CIR-1278]
  • Added new columns for the Network List page [CIR-1270]
  • Added new columns for the Device List page [CIR-1000]
  • Fixed markup of the device list column with limits (topic) [CIR-1257]
  • Fixed group selection of networks after filtration (topic) [CIR-1236]
  • Fixed closing mobile navigation (burger menu) after resizing browser viewport (topic) [CIR-1229]
  • Some improvements on the data collection server


Updates September 16, 2021

  • Added a link for the Web interface on the Network Details Page [CIR-1325]
  • Increased the CPU/RAM graph interval from 3 minutes to 1 hour [CIR-1355]
  • Fixed a timeout problem when adding the Network (topic) and improved the Confirm Right form [CIR-1228]
  • Fixed the order for a DSL noise margin params (topic) [CIR-1382]
  • Fixed the tooltip for the toggle navigation button (topic) [CIR-1242]
  • Fixed GUI adaptation for mobile browsers [CIR-1366]
  • Fixed the sorting by segments on the hosts page [CIR-1351]
  • Many small improvements for GUI [CIR-1275] [CIR-1380] [CIR-1356] [CIR-1379] [CIR-1386] [CIR-1363] [CIR-1383] [CIR-1284] [CIR-1364] [CIR-1110] [CIR-1365] [CIR-1364] [CIR-1384] [CIR-1359] 


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Updates October 28, 2021:

  • CIR-1443. Fixed Event Log record addition when tag is assigned or removed from device
  • CIR-1444. Fixed redundant Event Log record addition when tag is assigned or removed from devices by group operation
  • CIR-1212. Fix: Add unique device import filtering
  • CIR-1206. Fixed Device.OsVersion filtering
  • Fix some issues with network rights confirmation
  • CIR-1423. Added information about available OS version update into API
  • CIR-1362. Fixed showing Other (all other devices) at 1st place for Traffic Dist diagram
  • CIR-1210 Made saving pagination page number in URL
  • CIR-1368 Made the state of the main connections plate when the network status is Loading
  • CIR-1405 Fixed closing the add network form after submitting a request
  • CIR-1406 Fixed closing the add address form after submitting a request
  • CIR-1407 Fixed closing of the add contacts form after submitting a request
  • CIR-1370 Made transition from the top panel on the Network Dashboard page to the Devices and Hosts pages
  • CIR-1441 Fixed Other data series disappearing in pie chart
  • CIR-1412 // CIR-1414 Added legal aspects and check-boxes for Demo Request on Landing Page
  • CIR-1399 Renamed CINR parameter to SINR (for 3G / 4G connection)
  • CIR-1400 Renamed tooltip for seamless transition to web interface
  • CIR-1408 Fixed clipping of CPU / RAM graphics on mobile
  • CIR-1438 Cut off spaces at the beginning and end of the name of tags when creating and editing them
  • CIR-1542 Fixed bug after removing tag
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Updates November 24, 2021:

  • CIR-1290 Added new information about incoming / outgoing traffic to the Traffic Distribution diagram
  • CIR-1472 Added new units of measurement to distribution diagrams - now not only GB, but also MB and TB
  • CIR - 1546 Fixed the "Segment" filter
  • CIR-1513 Fixed incorrect calculation of hosts when selecting “all” hosts on the page
  • CIR-1494 Fixed link to go to 2FA page
  • CIR-1373 Updated to a new version of Angular
  • CIR-1475 // CIR-1573 Fixed incorrect operation of the DropDown menu on all pages when scrolling and in different filter scenarios
  • CIR-1571 Updated Error page background
  • CIR-1567 Fixed a bug from a user who had a black screen after logging into the service
  • CIR-1447 Fixed the work of transitions from the Networks page to Hosts through clickable icons within a specific network
  • CIR-1187 Combined buttons in group operations for the case when the same network types are selected - only private or only public
  • CIR-1371 Added device widget for the network - now you can see devices and their statuses on the Networks and Location page
  • CIR-1471 Updated the filter by Model - we added their codes to router models - now if you have a Giga model with different KN-XXXX codes in your network or networks, you can filter by a specific model and see its name
  • CIR-1343 // CIR-1461 Made special RMM 404 and 500 error pages - we hope you won't see them :)
  • CIR-1474 // CIR-1470 // CIR-1498 Fixed ToopTip behavior for icons on different pages and for different scenarios of use on desktop and mobile versions
  • CIR-1448 Fixed incorrect work of transitions and filters in Location
  • CIR-1582 Fixed the incorrect operation of the Devices page
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Updates December 16, 2021:

Beta 3.0 Release:
[NEW] Keenetic OS version update for network controllers
[NEW] Reboot controllers
[NEW] Batch operations for update and reboot
[NEW] Tasks page

CIR-1636 // Removed scroll lock after closing PopUp menu
CIR-1592 // Fixed a bug with underlining the header tab in Location after authorization
CIR-1673 // Fixed highlighting of the "Hosts" icon on the "Devices" page

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