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Changelog Keenetic App Android

Alex Sh.


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Version 31.

  • DL/UL OFDMA, UL MU-MIMO settings added.
  • Improved localisation of default segments.
  • Improved processing of KeeneticOS update.
  • Corrections in the display of statistics.
  • Other improvements and stability enhancements.
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Version 33.

  • TalkBack support added.
  • Added an option to back up the firmware and configuration file when updating the operating system.
  • Redesigned the KeeneticOS update screen.
  • Legal documents updated.
  • New internet filter support added (for KeeneticOS 3.8 and later).
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Version 39.

  • New icons for connected devices, and better automatic device type recognition.
  • Added a counter for the number of online devices connected to the router.
  • Fixed the firewall rule display.
  • For routers with a 4G modem, it's now possible to read incoming SMSs.
  • UI improvements and bug fixes.
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Version 41:

  • Added location search (for 7 or more locations in the list).
  • Added KeenDNS settings.
  • Added the possibility to change the order of Wi-Fi System extenders.
  • Added grouping of connected devices by icon type and icon group.
  • Fixed bugs in Firewall rules.
  • Added an option to copy the system log.
  • Added an option to download the self-test file.
  • UI improvements.
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