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Julia Rybakova

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How often is the device information updated?
    The minimum update interval is 15 seconds. Typical value you can expect today is between 20 and 60 seconds. In some rare cases, some routers can receive an update every 1-2 minutes.
  2. What's kind of devices supported?
    We support all router and extender models by Keenetic KN-xxxx series (produced since 2018)
  3. What's the requirement for KeeneticOS for RMM?
    - Version >= 3.6.3 from Recommended update channel with "Cloud-based remote control and KeenDNS" installed
    - As well as an admin account with http rights and without the readonly tag
  4. Not all functionality is present in the mobile version / not everything is convenient in the mobile version
    At the moment RMM BETA is being developed on the Desktop First principle. The bulk of the target audience is professional system administrators who spend most of their time at the PC.
  5. Why I have duplicates on the Devices page?
    This is possible because you have added a Mesh system (RMM added all extenders automatically), as well as manually added already added devices (extenders) from your Mesh system.
  6. Why do I see unregistered devices on the Hosts page that aren't on the web interface??
    RMM currently saves all the hosts that used to connect to this network
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7. Why can't I see my devices after updating to 3.7 Beta 5?

After the update, this situation is possible for users who have no access to the web interface "from outside".

What we recommend to do to fix this problem:

1.go to the device

2. add the http tag to the admin user.

On the command line, it looks like this:

user admin tag http
system configuration save

Fix will be on Keenetic OS 3.7 Beta 6

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