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Reset: How to reset System Components?



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@rAcKShen A factory firmware comes with a minimal set of components. You may install it from the cloud by the following commands:

components list
components preset minimal
components commit

First command gets a components list from a server. Each component may be included in a specific preset. For example, "base" component is in "minimal" and "recommended" presets:

                 name: base


               preset: minimal

               preset: recommended

Second command selects components from the "minimal" preset only.
Third runs a cloud request and installs the firmware with the selected components.

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5 минут назад, rAcKShen сказал:

After a reset via the Web interface (or a change of the operating mode from Router to Extender), the components are not reset. Is there any trick to reset the components as well, except going for a Recovery?

No. The reset feature sets the default configuration for currently installed components, it does not change the component set.
You can change the set using a manual or cloud update only.

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Great, in my case, ‘recommended’ was my factory default. I knew those commands from the command-line documentation. However, I thought ‘minimal’ is the absolute minimum. A misunderstanding. Furthermore, I thought ‘recommended’ is some crazy big super-set. However, at least in my case, ‘recommended’ was the state when I started with my Keenetic. And ‘minimal’ is just a bit less, four components:

  1. Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Client,
  2. Media Server (DLNA),
  3. DNS-over-HTTPS proxy, and
  4. DNS-over-TLS proxy.

Although the part about the languages a bit confusing: I am allowed to install not more than three languages but when I click on that ‘minimal’ or ‘recommended’ button in the Web interface (or go for our commands), I get all languages (back). Anyway, my Keenetic is now as near to factory again as possible. 😀

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