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Extender Mode: IPv6: Router Advertisement still broadcasted.



I am in the operating mode Extender. I have installed the component IPv6. While debugging something else in Wireshark, I noticed, that my Keenetic is still sending IPv6 Router Advertisements (RAs; ICMPv6 134). Nothing much included, except the default route at medium preference. Anyway, confusing because in that mode my Keenetic is (should be) no router anymore. Is that intended?

Sorry, have not checked 3.7.4 whether that is a 3.8 only thing.

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What mean the two votes ‘need more info’ exactly? First of all: More info from me or someone from Keenetic?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Web interface → (Management) System → Change operating mode → Extender
  2. Web interface → (Management) System → Component options → IPv6 → Install

Then, on a computer in my home network, I open Wireshark and filter for icmpv6.type == 134. After several minutes, I see IPv6 RA coming from the Keenetic. Nothing inside (no IPv6 Prefix and not DNS) but still medium default route. This is confusing because I would have expected no RA from a non-router.

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OK, attached in hidden mode. Are you not able to reproduce this issue with the steps above? Interesting. By the way, when I go for the file ‘/tmp/run/radvd.conf’, I see

interface br0 {
        AdvSendAdvert on;
        AdvOtherConfigFlag on;
        AdvManagedFlag off;
        AdvDefaultLifetime 0;

which matches my Router Advertisements, because the Flag Other is set indeed. However, I found no way to control that file, yet. After a restart, it is overwritten. And there seem to be no command on the CLI controlling this. The closest would be ‘no ipv6 subnet mode’. However, that did not work. Is there a trick to change/overwrite that?

Something like a ‘ipv6 subnet mode client’ would be the correct approach in future, I think. Especially, because currently, I do not see IPv6 connectivity in Extender mode at all. However, that is another topic.

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The following settings are redundant for this mode:

ipv6 subnet Default
    bind Home
    number 0
    mode slaac

You need to disable ipv6 subnet to get rid of RA.

no ipv6 subnet Default


BTW, how did you get such a configuration?

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I get that subnet via:

  1. reset the system components to Minimal
  2. reset all settings
  3. exit wizard
  4. change Mode to Extender
  5. install the system component IPv6

all via the Web interface; 3.8 Beta 1. Re-tried just minutes ago.

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@vst were you able to reproduce the issue via my steps?

I re-tried after applying your CLI command (which did the job, thanks, by the way): After that CLI command, when I go through my steps again, that subnet re-appears again. Consequently, I do not think, it is any kind of left-over. If you were able to reproduce the issue, do you create the bug report internally or shall I via E-mail support?

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