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Omni DSL KeeneticOS 4.0 Alpha 7 Some bugs that I found



Hello all. I'm a user Omni DSL KN-2011. I'm struggling with some (massive for me) bugs about KeeneticOS. I'm gonna list these bugs:

  1. When DSL disconnected I can't acces to admin panel until DSL reconnects. (Basically admin panel stops working. When I refresh the page there's just a blank page until DSL reconnects.) (I'm connecting admin panel through
  2. While using IPv6, I can't access to my WebDAV and FTP server. After I disabled IPv6 option I was able using WebDAV and FTP.
  3. I'm having with an upload issue. In KOS 3.6.12 and below I was having upload signals normal. But in KOS 3.7 and upper I can't use my upload speed with full capacity. I'm having bad signal values and it limits my speed. When automatically disconnects DSL signal for any reason, my modem receiving upload signal with all capacity. (Modem can't receiving upload signal normal.)
  4. Sometimes DSL disconnects randomly and KOS lowering my DSL line speed. Never reconnects with my old speed.
  5. While using IPv6, when DSL disconnects for any reason DSL reconnects but it uses IPv6 only and browsing websites that using IPv6. (I'm fixing this problem unplugging and replugging DSL cable but it is a bug for me.)

I'm attaching some images and files. Please analyse these files and please fix these bugs for the next KOS versions. Or if you know any ways to fix it please let me know.

Dsl0_performance_report_5.10.6.17_B_A60901_Feb_10_21_59_02.zipndm dsl-statistics.csv3.7.png.3f19337fde5d452cc2d9a98e951255b9.png4.0.png.fbc1b483ebdc4da8e79c996974d079d9.png3.6.png.07963285ddf8e1035ccacef48b55d075.png


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