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access to huawei b818 connected to wan keenetic hero 4G from network behind VPN Wireguard



Good day.

So introductory. There is a Huawei b818 (main channel 4G), connected by its LAN1 to WAN keenetic hero 4G (as a backup 4G + router distributing Wi-Fi). keenetic, as a client, is connected to Wireguard VPN, the server of which is hosted on Asus AX11000 (Merlin firmware, white IP).

there is a problem. From the keenetics network, I can easily access the web interface of the huawei, but from the asus network I only ping the IP that receives the Wan port from the keenetics (most likely it is something like in the internal network, the keenetics turns out to be somehow), but to the interface of the huawei and any there is no ping device on his network.

I tried everything that is possible and impossible - it is obvious that the problem is in the keenetics. tracing from the asus shows that the route reaches the internal VPN of the keenetic IP and does not go any further.

As far as I understand, it is useless to prescribe routes in the keenetics itself, since they are for walking FROM the keenetics outside, and I need to somehow make the keenetics send requests from the VPN network to their internal networks (via Wan connection to the network behind him).

In the VPN settings of the server and client, all networks (the internal subnet of the keenetics, and the subnet of the huawei, of course, are added).

in firewall wan connections and wireguardVPN connections all IP connections are allowed.

By the way, with the openVPN server (also on Asus) exactly the same story.


How can I access the web face of the huawei in such cases? what needs to be adjusted in kinetics?

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