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Who's eating my bandwidth?

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There is a quick and easy solution to deploy traffic accounting on your Keenetic. The external USB storage is required. The same storage can be used for the other Keenetic applications at the same time.

What is darkstat

Darkstat is a traffic accounting software that allows you to monitor the activity of all network hosts in your home network.

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How to install

  • Create the "install" directory on a USB drive, and put the attached file in there
  • Make sure you have installed the Open Package support
  • Connect the USB drive to the Keenetic
  • Enable OPKG, select your USB drive and save settings.

How to use

Open http://my.keenetic.net:667 in your browser.

How to remove

  • Unmount your USB disk from the Applications menu
  • Remove "etc" and "bin" directories


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