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iotop - Could not run

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Столкнулся с такой ошибкой данной програмки

/ # opkg install iotop
Installing iotop (0.6-1) to root...
Downloading http://bin.entware.net/mipselsf-k3.4/iotop_0.6-1_mipsel-3.4.ipk
Configuring iotop.
/ # iotop -obPat
Could not run iotop as some of the requirements are not met:
- Linux >= 2.6.20 with
  - VM event counters (CONFIG_VM_EVENT_COUNTERS)
/ # 


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так же

/ # opkg install fatrace
Installing fatrace (0.13-1) to root...
Downloading http://bin.entware.net/mipselsf-k3.4/fatrace_0.13-1_mipsel-3.4.ipk
Configuring fatrace.
/ # fatrace -h
Usage: fatrace [options...] 

  -c, --current-mount           Only record events on partition/mount of current directory.
  -o FILE, --output=FILE        Write events to a file instead of standard output.
  -s SECONDS, --seconds=SECONDS Stop after the given number of seconds.
  -t, --timestamp               Add timestamp to events. Give twice for seconds since the epoch.
  -p PID, --ignore-pid PID      Ignore events for this process ID. Can be specified multiple times.
  -f TYPES, --filter=TYPES      Show only the given event types; choose from C, R, O, or W, e. g. --filter=OC.
  -C COMM, --command=COMM       Show only events for this command.
  -h, --help                    Show help.
/ # fatrace 
Cannot initialize fanotify: Function not implemented
/ # fatrace -t -s 30
Cannot initialize fanotify: Function not implemented


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Первый отвалился ещё во времена 2.07. Собственно, вопрос надо адресовать "ядерщикам"* на предмет включения, если такое возможно.


* разработчикам прошивки

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