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L2TP Server and multiple segments



Hi guys, hope to find you in a good mood and safe these tough days. 
I have Keenetic giga 2 where I have configured 2 segments:

Home private

Trade private. 

I disabled private segments isolation through issuing no isolate-private, so home segment can access trade segment and vice versa. I checked it by pinging hosts in the remote segment. 
I also configured L2TP server on my router with the following config

Segment: Home

IP pool:

Clients can connect and all works fine. Remote client can ping any host in home segment. 
The problem is that client can not access any host in the trade segment. I tried to apply different acl rules to different interface and did manage to get the result. 

Is it even possible to configure the router make client see different segment rather it’s configured in L2TP server? 

OS version: 3.4.75

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