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  1. Google Translate: my brother doesn't want me to look at his device usage with "ntce". I don't want to see my brother's device in the list, is there such an option? I don't want to delete the module completely.
  2. Google Translate: I am using omni dsl and lite devices.
  3. Google Translate: When usb swap is plugged in, ntce swap is using too much. When I say remove the swap partition or the driver from the applications menu, the driver cannot be removed due to excessive use, the same applies to the function button safe remove the driver. It would be nice if it does the feature of reducing ntce memory usage while updating, when we say remove the swap device. In addition, it would be better if a setting such as using swap can be added to ntce, because it seems like usb speed cannot reach ntce.
  4. Google Translate: When ntce is on, the cpu is 100%, if it stays like this for a long time, ntce gets into the bug and the internet goes, the only solution is to turn the modem off and on. I hope you solve the ntce cpu usage problem. Video (just a small sample 100% cpu usage)
  5. Google Translate: I think the token login feature is not secure, how can I turn this feature off? keenetic.io/auth?url=%2F&x-ndma-tkn=
  6. Google Translate: Omni DSL (KN-2011) 3.7 Alpha 16 It seems that there is no dsl connection in the port status section, but the connection is available.
  7. Google Translate: The ram usage problem has been solved, but the cpu problem still persists, I expect you to solve this problem with the next update. Also, ntce still doesn't support ipv6, i am suffering from this problem.
  8. Google Translate: mesh network (lite+omni dsl) but an extra lite appears.
  9. + https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome kara listesi var diye biliyorum.
  10. Google Translate: When ntce is on, usb2.0 swap speed is not enough, after a while there is lag. Can you add a feature to turn ntce swap usage on and off. "ntce swap disable" omni dsl
  11. Google Translate: Although I push the capacity, I can play the games very fluently, it works fine, thanks. Omni DSL (KN-2011)
  12. İntelliQos veya hız limitlendirmesi varmı kontrol et istersen.
  13. Ahmed Ensar


    Google Translate: I hope they fix these vulnerabilities.
  14. Ahmed Ensar


    Google Translate: Why does the user account without command interface authority have permission to enter this page and execute commands?
  15. Google Translate: Please watch the video till the end, Whatever is causing this malfunction, please fix it with an update as soon as possible. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pglaBdsjJ_7fdUxeg3ndkKUq9RuGk_ad/view
  16. Google Translate: Last week, when I woke up and looked at my internet one morning, my upload value was around 5 mb max, and dsl was going back and forth several times during the day. I contacted Keenetic support, they remotely made fw custom and I entered "interface Dsl0 vdsl upbo-kl0 21" and my upload problem was resolved, but my dsl breakout problem still continues. I tried it with another company's modem, it has a dsl breaking problem. Is the problem here caused by the central? Otherwise, I do not know what originated from. I wonder what the kl0 value changes and corrects the speed. My internet happened like this in a day. 😔 no kl0 ----> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- kl0 21 -----> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Omni Dsl --> --> -->
  17. Google Translate: "/controlPanel/dsl" When the save button on the dsl settings page is used, the "interface PPPoE0 no ipv6 name-servers auto" value in the current settings becomes "interface PPPoE0 ipv6 name-servers auto". After saving each setting on the page, it is necessary to enter the command "interface PPPoE0 no ipv6 name-servers auto". how can i solve this problem?
  18. Google Translate: After restarting(Status: reboot) the internet, the ipv6 prefix doesn't come up again. As a result, ipv6 does not work. ===>> ===>>
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