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Slow wifi and cable connection with my new Keenetic Modem




My name is Arda. I'm from Turkey. I bougth a brand new Keenetic Extra DSL. I tested it both wireless devices and laptops(both wifi and ethernet). I got full speed from them. But if i try to use on my Desktop PC its very slow. It gives me very slow connection both cable and wifi adaptor. The Company that provides internet and Keenetic Turkey Help Center can't resolve the problem. Whats more interesting is i didnt recieve a problem from my older modem. I get full speed. 

Please help me for resolving this problem. Here what i did:

-updated modem

-updated ethernet drivers 

-reset ethernet settings

-setting my port speed 100mps full dublex

-resetting my internet connection via cmd commands

-resetting modem many times.



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I use Turk Telekom's internet. Normally it should gives me 100mbps. For all devices except my PC, it gives me full speed without a problem. But when i use my pc for internet , i will get very slow speed(like 13-15 mbps). The interesting thing is i dont get any slow speed from my older modem.

What specific informations you need ? i can give you anything 

Normal speed from any device 90-93 mbps 

My PC result about 13-15mbps

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On 8/20/2021 at 1:50 PM, sincake said:

What specific informations you need ? i can give you anything


Please attach your diagnostics to this topic, and then Hide as it may contain sensitive information. Also, feel free to contact the official support in your country: https://help.keenetic.com/hc/tr


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@sincake  https://t.me/keenetictur

We would like to help you. You can also come to our telegram channel. The question caught my attention. You wrote that you had no problems with your other modem.



sana yardımcı olmak isteriz. telegram kanalımıza da gelebilirsin. sorunun dikkatimi çekti. diğer modeminle sorun yaşamadığını yazmışsın.


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