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Some Wifi Band Issue between Hero DSL & Realtek Wifi Chipset



For a long time, we have been working with Keenetic Turkey on support requests.

I was using Keenetic Giga before and never observed this situation.

After rebuilding my mesh system with Hero DSL, I realized that although the modem and laptop were in the same place, the laptop could not stay connected at 5ghz.

Either the connection was broken or I was switching to 2.4ghz after a while and continuing my uninterrupted wifi experience.

Laptop wifi chipset: Realtek 8822BE 802.11ac
Although I tried many self-tests and wifi drivers, the result is always the same.

I bought a dongle today. ZYXEL NWD6602 AC1200
Wifi chipset: Realtek 8812BU

In the same way, I did my experiments and the result immediately jumps to 2.4ghz after a 5ghz connection.

When I used this laptop on my Ultra main controller mesh system with ~20 devices before, 5ghz was fine. That network is currently the main controller Peak DSL, and it also provides seamless connections within the mesh network at 5ghz.

I only experience this with the Hero DSL.

You will see in the video.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar situations with a Hero DSL and a device with realtek chipset.



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I've been observing the situation for a long time. Thought it was fixed, after a while, it also happened that it could not connect other than 2.4 ghz. I even bought the ZYXEL NWD6602 AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Nano USB Adapter. It also came out with Realtek 8812BU chipset. I've been through similar situations. We are also monitoring the situation with Keenetic TR RD.

The other day I saw that my notebook wifi card driver had a new update.

Version number: 2024.0.10.133
Release date: 23.08.2021




For 2 days, when I checked the wifi connection after turning the router and laptop off and on, waking up from sleep mode, I haven't seen it connect at 2.4ghz yet. It can connect at 5ghz.


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