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I. Definitions

The expressions used in these Rules shall be interpreted as follows:

1.1. Service Provider/Administrator — Keenetic Limited, Hong Kong company having its
principal offices at 1202, 12/F., AT Tower, 180 Electric road, North Point, Hong Kong.

1.2. Forum — an Internet portal located at the Web address https://forum.keenetic.com, including
all services located at the sub-pages (sub-forums) and sub-domains of the said forum. Forum is
aimed at the exchange of information and opinions among Users.

1.3. User — a person who has registered with the Forum.

II. General Provisions

2.1. The present Keenetic forum rules, Website Terms of Use, Website Privacy Policy
Statement, Personal Information Collection Statement for Registration (hereinafter referred
altogether as Rules) apply to the use of the Forum located at https://forum.keenetic.net.

2.2. The Rules as a whole shall be imposed on all Forum Users.

2.3. By accepting the Rules, a User agrees to use the Forum in accordance with the law and good
practice, and acknowledges that it is forbidden to add/present content that is prohibited or
infringes upon the rights of third parties in any way.

III. Participation Rules

3.1. Activities prohibited on the Forum particularly include (but are not limited to) the following:

a) sharing materials obtained illegally or against the law;

b) propagation of content that is either of pornographic nature, in conflict with the rules of social
interaction, offensive, or violating the generally-accepted ethical standards and etiquette;

c) propagation/inducement of downloading illegal software, computer viruses or other malware;

d) propagation of vulgar, sarcastic or spiteful content expressing lack of respect for others;

e) propagation of advertising in any form, including covert advertising, without the Service
Provider's prior consent. The restriction does not concern information about products or services
provided for information purposes in connection to the subject of a given thread;

f) publishing posts lacking content on the subject, containing harmful advice, advice irrelevant to
the problem in question, and the publishing of identical posts in sequence or repeating the
information previously included in the discussion;

g) publishing false, inflammatory, disingenuous, rambling, irrelevant, or off-topic messages directed at
specific individuals and companies with the intent to provoke others into emotional responses or
to manipulate the perceptions of others.

3.2. By accepting the Rules, a User declares that:

a) they are acquainted with the Rules and accept all provisions of the Rules;

b) they are aware of the fact that as the author of a statement, they are fully responsible for its

c) they do not lay and will not lay any claims to the Service Provider/Administrator, resulting
from the statements of other users;

d) they are aware that it is the responsibility of the Service Provider/Administrator to maintain
order on the Forum, observe the generally applicable legal regulations, as well as the provisions
of the Rules. At the same time, they accept the possibility of editing or deletion of posts - should
the Administrator deem them incompliant with the above requirements;

e) they are aware that for behavior violating netiquette, they may receive warning, prohibition of
posting, or have their account banned; the account ban decision rests with the Administrator;

f) they accept the Privacy Policy.

IV. Personal Data Protection

4.1. A Forum User may specify their personal data. Personal data specification is voluntary. The
Users' personal data shall be processed and administered by the Service Provider in accordance
with applicable legal regulations.

4.2. The Service Provider shall only process the User's personal data for the purpose of
performance of a given service and in a scope necessary for its performance. Processing User's
personal data for other purposes than the one mentioned in the previous sentence shall only be
performed upon obtaining Users' consent and in the scope stipulated therein.

4.3. Each User may view and edit their personal data and request their deletion. To do so, they
need to send a letter to the Service Provider to e-mail: forum@keenetic.com. In the case where
personal data are necessary for the performance of a given service, the request for their deletion
shall be equal to a declaration of agreement termination concerning the provision of the service.

4.4. Please read Website Privacy Policy Statement and Personal Information Collection
Statement for Registration for more information about personal data protection.

4.5. Personal data protection by third parties:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilizes
the Data collected to track and examine the use of this website, to prepare reports on its activities
and share them with other Google services.
Privacy Policy

Spam Defense
The IPS Spam Defense Service passes the email address and IP address of the registering
member to the service to determine the likelihood a registering account is a spam source.
Privacy Policy

This site uses a CAPTCHA to ensure humans are performing certain actions. The CAPTCHA
provider may set a session cookie and get information about your internet browser and device
accessing this website.
Privacy Policy

V. Intellectual Property

5.1. The Forum, and the materials contained therein, including works, trademarks, databases are subject to protection described in applicable legal regulations.

5.2. By making use of the works or databases available in the Forum, Users acquire no rights or licenses to these works or databases.

5.3. Without prior consent of the Service Provider, Users may only use the Forum and works and databases contained therein within the scope of permitted use as described in the applicable legislation. It is particularly prohibited to:

a) reproduce, modify, block, publicly play and publicly share in the Internet the Forum in whole or part, or works available in the Forum or parts of them, with the exception of situations required by applicable law;

b) download database content and re-use it in whole or in considerable part (in terms of quality or quantity).

5.4. By adding materials to the Forum, a User declares them free of any physical or legal defects and third-party claims, and declares having all the authorizations and consents required by applicable law.

VI. Responsibility of the Service Provider

6.1. The Service Provider/Administrator shall not be held responsible for:

a) the manner in which Users use the Forum, or any consequences thereof;

b) the materials, including comments, posted by Users at the Forum;

c) any damages resulting from User activities incompliant with the law or these Rules;

d) information obtained in the Internet, particularly in the Forum, nor for the consequences of its use by Users and its usefulness for them;

e) the Service Provider shall not have responsibility, particularly criminal, civil and administrative responsibility for Users' use of the Forum in a manner incompliant with these Rules or the law.

6.2. The Service Provider shall not be held responsible for damages suffered by Users resulting from Internet threats, such as in particular breaking into User systems, password takeover by third persons, or infecting User systems with viruses.

VII. Complaints

7.1. Each User of the Forum may file a complaint concerning the operation of the Forum.

7.2. The complaints shall be submitted in writing via e-mail to: forum@keenetic.com. 

7.3. The Service Provider shall consider a complaint within 14 days of receipt.

7.4. An answer to the complaint shall be sent to the User to the address specified in the complaint.

7.5. The Service Provider reserves the right to extend the period specified in 7.3. above, by no more than 10 days, should the complaint analysis require extraordinary, special activities and arrangements, or encounters obstacles outside the Service Provider's control and fault. The Service Provider further reserves that complaint analysis may require additional information from the User; in each event, the time taken by the User to provide such information shall extend the complaint consideration period;

VIII. Final Provisions

8.1. The present Rules may be amended by the Service Provider at any time. The amendments shall be updated on real-time basis in the form of a consolidated text of the Rules published in the Forum, along with information about the introduced changes.

8.2. User's use of the Forum after the amendment of Rules shall be interpreted as its acceptance. Should a User object to the amendment of the Rules, they should restrain from using the Forum.

8.3. The Rules and all amendments thereto shall come into force upon their publication on the websites of the Forum.

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