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Помогите со скриптом на PERL

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насколько мне удалось разобраться то скрип использует модули Perl 

подскажите что подправить или добавить 

синтаксис для запуска такой 

./check_bl -H mail.ru -B zen.spamhaus.org bl.spamcop.net dnsbl.ahbl.org dnsbl.njabl.org dnsbl.sorbs.net virbl.dnsbl.bit.nl rbl.efnet.org 

Скрытый текст

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# check_bl plugin for nagios
# $Revision: 1.0 $ 
# Nagios plugin designed to warn you if you mail servers appear in one of the 
# many anti-spam 'blacklists'
# By Sam Bashton, Bashton Ltd
# bashton.com/content/nagios-plugins
#    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
#    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
#    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
#    (at your option) any later version.
#    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#    GNU General Public License for more details.
#    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
#    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
#    Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

use strict;
use lib "/opt/lib";
#use lib "/usr/local/nagios/libexec";
use utils qw($TIMEOUT %ERRORS &print_revision &support);
use Net::DNS;
use vars qw($PROGNAME);
my ($verbose,$host),;
my ($opt_V,$opt_h,$opt_B,$opt_H,$opt_c);
$opt_V = $opt_h = $opt_B = $opt_H = $opt_c = '';
my $state = 'UNKNOWN';
sub print_help();
sub print_usage();

$PROGNAME = "check_bl";


use Getopt::Long;
  "V"   => \$opt_V,   "version"       => \$opt_V,
  "h"   => \$opt_h,   "help"          => \$opt_h,
  "H=s" => \$opt_H,   "hostname=s"    => \$opt_H,
  "B=s" => \$opt_B,   "blacklists=s"  => \$opt_B,
  "c=s" => \$opt_c,   "critical=s"    => \$opt_c

# -h means display verbose help screen
if ($opt_h) { print_help(); exit $ERRORS{'OK'}; }

# -V means display version number
if ($opt_V) { 
  print_revision($PROGNAME,'$Revision: 1.0 $ '); 
  exit $ERRORS{'OK'}; 

# First check the hostname is OK..
unless ($opt_H) { print_usage(); exit $ERRORS{'UNKNOWN'}; }

if (! utils::is_hostname($opt_H)){
  print "$opt_H is not a valid host name\n";
  exit $ERRORS{"UNKNOWN"};
  if ($opt_H =~ /[a-zA-Z]/ )
  # If the host contains letters we assume it's a hostname, not an IP
    $host = lookup($opt_H);
  else { $host = $opt_H }

# $opt_c is a count of the blacklists a mail server is in,
# after which state will be CRITICAL rather than WARNING
# By default any listing is CRITICAL
my $critcount = 0;
if ($opt_c) { $critcount = $opt_c };

# $opt_B is a comma seperated list of blacklists
$opt_B = shift unless ($opt_B);
unless ($opt_B) { print_usage(); exit -1 }
my @bls = split(/,/, $opt_B);

# Just in case of problems, let's not hang Nagios
$SIG{'ALRM'} = sub {
  print ("ERROR: No response from BL server (alarm)\n");
  exit $ERRORS{"UNKNOWN"};

my %listed; # Hash of blacklists we're listed in.
  if (blcheck($host,$_)) { $listed{$_} = 1 }

if (scalar(keys(%listed)) == 0) { $state = 'OK' }
elsif (scalar(keys(%listed)) < $critcount) { $state = 'WARNING' }
else { $state = 'CRITICAL' }

if (%listed) 
  print "Listed at"; 
  foreach (keys(%listed)) { print " $_" }
  print "\n";
else { print "Not black-listed\n" }

exit $ERRORS{$state};

########  Subroutines ==========================

sub print_help() {
  print_revision($PROGNAME,'$Revision: 1.0 $ ');
  print "\n";

sub print_usage () {
  print "Usage: \n";
  print " $PROGNAME -H host -B [blacklist1],[blacklist2] [-c critnum]\n";
  print " $PROGNAME [-h | --help]\n";
  print " $PROGNAME [-V | --version]\n";

sub blcheck
  my ($ip, $bl) = @_;
  my $lookupip = $ip;
  $lookupip =~
  if (lookup($lookupip)) { return 1 }
  else { return 0 }

sub lookup
  my $tolookup = shift;
  my $res = Net::DNS::Resolver->new;
  my $query = $res->search($tolookup);
  if ($query)
    foreach my $rr ($query->answer)
      next unless $rr->type eq "A"; # We're not interested in TXT records
      return $rr->address;



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Даже если и закомментированно поправить необходимо. В perl, shell, python (больше пока не знаю) первой строкой указывают путь к интерпретатору, без этого никак.

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заменить #!/usr/bin/perl на #!/opt/bin/perl в самой первой строке

нужен будет перловый модуль DNS

список серверов перечисляется через запятую

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Заменил #!/usr/bin/perl на #!/opt/bin/perl в самой первой строке  ( :)  Подумал что это коментарии)


opkg install perlbase-getopt
opkg install perlbase-data
opkg install perlbase-net

Скачал и разпаковал в /opt/lib/perl ... по нужным директориям 


на файлы *.so  выставил розрешения Cmod 755

Все работа - Всем спс за подсказки !!

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В 24.11.2016 в 23:22, TheBB сказал:

заменить #!/usr/bin/perl на #!/opt/bin/perl в самой первой строке

нужен будет перловый модуль DNS

Перестал работать скрипт после обновляние прошивки  Keenetic II   до версии Linux mips 2.10.A.6.0-0

root@Keenetic:/opt/lib# ./check_bl
Trace/breakpoint trap

Помогите  советом

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