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5Ghz 80mhz Auto Scan without DFS



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8 hours ago, rAcKShen said:

Out of curiosity: What is that device doing then

  1. Does it look for the best control channel in the range 36-48? Or
  2. Does it violate specs and considers a broader range? Or
  3. Is this something special/normal for a Wi-Fi device in Turkey?

While all channels are dfs in 160mhz ac2600 models, there is no DFS requirement in the 36-48 range at 80 mhz. However, when 5ghz auto channel scanning is on, it is possible to switch to DFS channels.
I saw that many devices have DFS channels external scanning or Auto Compability options like this. That's why I made a request.

Many wi-fi devices can create incompatibilities in the DFS channel.



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OK. Interesting. And I thought before, I had seen many Wi-Fi configuration interfaces. Then those devices ‘scan’ 36 to 48, only. However, 802.11ac does 80 MHz, so blocking that whole range anyway. Therefore, what is the benefit of ‘scanning’ in that range?

  1. Does it select the best control channel (36, 40, 44 or 48), the cleanest? Or
  2. Does it go down for 40 MHz if too congested?

Sorry, do not get the benefit, yet. If I do no DFS, I can choose the channel statically anyway. Sounds like a legacy behavior for 802.11n interaction which did 40 MHz.

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