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Have a gateway for the Guest WIFi on a second router (without internet connection)



Hi! Thanks for your attention and support,

I have 2 Kineetic Air, one plced in the office with internet connection, the second installed quite far from the first, in the main room where I need to open the SSID for guests.

The router may working in mesh.. but I suppose it's a bit long to learn (even if I'm skilled on IP, I've never did that Keenetic mesh before) and also, there are devices connected to the second router ports, it means I can't use only one VLAN for mesh, I need also to bridge the eth ports of the first router with the second one.
So I created 2 different SSID for the main LAN, and for me like this can be ok, but the problem is that I can't give a gateway to the subnet of guest LAN created on second router, even if I configure the defaoult route..
Explaingin by data, this is the layout
First router has and WAN connected to internet
Second router is connected with a LAN port to the first one (WAN is disconnected), it has and WiFi Guest with In the routing I've added the default route is with gateway, but the netwotk still has no access, NAT is enabled. How can I overcome this problem? Thank you

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No mesh. You set it up classically.
Set the switch on the back of air to D . this is access point mode. you can attach it to the mesh if you connect it to the main Air.

You can create different segments from the main device interface.

By default, all Keenetics come with Home network on and Guest network installed but turned off.

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Thank you for your kind support. PLease notice that I have devices connected to the ethernet ports of the second router, that should communicate with the enternet ports of the first router, this is not only a WiFi device!

I don't know if mesh is compatible with such configuration, I've read it's necessary to create a VLAN, so I suppose I need 2 VLANs, one for mesh, one to brigde the eth ports, is it correct, is it possible to do with AIR?

I suppose from the answer, in my situation it's impossibile to assign another IP addess as gateway, on the second router, to allow the guest WiFi access internet.
Thanks for you supporting answers!

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Follow this topics 👍

You can add repeaters to the mesh network with both wired and wireless connections. You can manage your network with new segments.

https://help.keenetic.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005236300-Network-segments#:~:text=Keenetic routers allow organizing the,'



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Thanks for help, I've checked docs and nothing there answering my question:
if I reset the second router and add it as extender, will the other devices, connected to the second router's ethernets, keep working with local LAN? (communicate with devices connected on ethernet links on the first router).
Thank you for such info!

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