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Setup Keenetic router in Telekom FTTH / Glasfaser



As of now in KeeneticOS 3.8.x this setup is not supported out of the box, but works seamlessly in Fritzbox devices. Telekom technicians are not aware about devices other than Fritzbox routers.

In new buildings Telekom provides FTTH connections where in apartment communication box they are installing ONU devices called Glasfaser Modem 2. They don't have DHCP, so we need to manually set IPv4 address on our device: 

IP address:

After that ONU web management interface could be reached at

Currently Telekom uses PPPoE to establish connection and we need to provide credentials like that:

Username: "Anschlusskennung"+"Zugangsnummer"+“Mitbenutzernummer"+"@t-online.de"

Password: "Kennwort"

All of these data will be sent per mail and could look like that.

Then set VLAN 7 for Internet and thats it.

How to setup Keenetic device

The Initial setup wizard could not help with such setup so you need to proceed in the following way:

* Use another router which has Internet connection and connect your own Keenetic WAN port to it.

* In the Initial setup wizard select "To setup internet access via modem, optical terminal or ethernet wall outlet"

* Navigate to the Internet -> Wired page and configure it as follows:

VLANs for Internet, IP telephony and IPTV

Internet: 7

IP and DNS settings

IPv4 configuration: No IP address

ISP authentication (PPPoE / PPTP / L2TP)

Type (protocol): PPPoE

Username: <username>

Password: <password>

MTU size: 1492

Adjustment of TCP MSS: enabled

Keenetic team, if you're targeting not only on xDSL users on the German market, consider supporting such setup out of the box in the built-in firmware, because currently it's impossible to do that without having an existing router and it works only for advanced users.

Telekom FTTH reference (german).

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I think, it will be implemented soon.


Скрытый текст

Last year, to support our growing European operations, we founded an R&D centre in Germany — Keenetic Software GmbH. Recognising the outstanding contribution of our engineers from Russia to the development of Keenetic products, and the potential risks arising from the ongoing crisis, we have decided to relocate the software team from Russia to this new company and location. We will support our colleagues during this transition and do all we can to assist them during this challenging time.


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You can turn on "Easy Login" option as described at https://www.telekom.de/hilfe/auftrag-erste-schritte/einrichtung-festnetz-internet-und-tv/was-ist-easy-login?samChecked=true and use ANY login and password for PPPoE. 

As a new customer of Deutsche Telekom landline (connection date - January 2023) I have got this option ("Easy login") turned on from the very beginning.

So the setup in Keenetic (in case you are connected to ISP via glass fiber box) is really easy now:

1. Connect Keenetic's WAN port to RJ45 port of the glass fiber box (that you got from Deutsche Telekom).

2. Enable PPPoE for the "Ethernet ISP"

3. [PPPoE setup] Set VLAN 7 for Internet

4. [PPPoE setup] User any/random login and password for PPPoE.

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There's also possible to plug a SPF module and get rid of the ISP's glass fiber box completely, see https://github.com/xvzf/zyxel-gpon-sfp

As you can see in the article, it's possible to buy this module online , at Telekom's website - https://geschaeftskunden.telekom.de/internet-dsl/produkt/digitalisierungsbox-glasfasermodem-kaufen for a fairly good price and make some "adjustments". But I personally have not tried it.



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