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KN-1910 doesn't work with Alcatel IK41VE1




I've bought an Alcatel IK41VE1 4G modem (as it's present in the list of supported devices), but unfortunately, it doesn't work.

After connecting to the router, the led starts blinking red, then blue, then constant blue (connected to 4G), and then after 10-30 sec, the cycle starts from the beginning.

When "Check the availability of the Internet" is disabled - the led on the modem always shows blue, but it doesn't provide internet.


As you can see on the screen, IP is not set. But it'll be here for some time after the modem reboot. The web interface is accessible on, it shows that the connection resets every 10 sec. KeeneticOS version is


When connected to the laptop, there are no issues with the modem at all (tested for 20 - 30 min).

Any suggestion on what might be wrong? Thank you.

UPD: Added logs related to CdcEthernet0


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Added logs
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vst, you was right, thanks.

By modifying the JS code used to display the user interface, I managed to unlock hidden settings, select IPv4, and save a new profile. Now everything works.

In case someone will deal with the same issue - search for profileItemIptype.isActive in the modem's JS code.

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18 minutes ago, vst said:

It seems that your modem is connected to IPv6 network. But the modem is connected to the router via IPv4. Could you enable IPv4 or IPv4/IPv6 in modem settings?

Good catch. I haven't noticed this (as I mentioned previously, I see the IPv4 address right after the modem restart, but it seems then it switches to IPv6).

Unfortunately, the modem settings are extremely limited, and there is nothing about IPv4/IPv6.

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By the way, I tried to use 464xlat on the router side to workaround the IPv6 only issue , but it doesn't work.


(config)> show interface CdcEthernet0/Clat0

               id: CdcEthernet0/Clat0
            index: 0
   interface-name: CdcEthernet0/Clat0
             type: Clat

           traits: Ip
           traits: Ip46
           traits: Clat

             link: up
        connected: yes
            state: up
              mtu: 1400
           uptime: 380
           global: yes
        defaultgw: yes
         priority: 400
   security-level: public

           ipv6-address: 2b00:1fa0:5d5:ae90:636c:6174:0:19
     ipv6-remote-prefix: 64:ff9b::/96



tcpdump -i cdc_br0 -v -n ip6
14:28:41.136374 IP6 (hlim 63, next-header ICMPv6 (58) payload length: 64) 2b00:1fa0:5d5:ae90:636c:6174:0:19 > 64:ff9b::808:404: ICMP6, echo request, length 64, seq 256


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