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About Regional Device Limitations



The Internet is a door that allows us to open up to the world. I am a person who believes that I will do this with Keenetic in the past and today, as well as in the future, without any problems.

I'm going to talk about a modular USB device that has never been sold in the EU and TR. Zyxel Keenetic Plus DSL. I cannot use the device on Keenetics with EU and TR regions.

The device may not be suitable for marketing after the change of the brand name and with the advancement of technology, and/or its production may have stopped, or a new device may be considered instead.

Despite this, it is still sold in the RU market both in local locations and available at shop.keenetic.ru, and it does not appear to be sold out on Keenetic.ru, like the Keenetic City model.

Universally, I or anyone else can still access/own this device.
There is also a compatibility list on the relevant market and promotion pages of the product. (By the way, the list on the shop side is not up to date.)


In the product introduction, it is written that it may be compatible with the new Keenetic router models with a USB port, apart from the models with built-in DSL feature.

But nowhere is "COMPATIBILITY AVAILABLE ONLY FOR DEVICES SOLD IN RU MARKET" and/or "DOES NOT WORK IN SPECIFIC REGIONS". such information was not specified and could not be found.



"В будущем также ожидается добавление поддержки в более новых моделях, оснащенных портом добавление поддержки в более новых моделях, оснащенных портом добавление DSL нгоимехат."

""Gelecekte, USB bağlantı noktasına sahip ve yerleşik bir DSL modemi olmayan daha yeni modellere de destek eklenmesi bekleniyor."

"Support is also expected to be added in the future on newer models that have a USB port and do not have a built-in DSL modem."


In this case, when I am curious and maybe want to experience this product for a long time; I have to make the following inferences.

1- To request the removal of this restriction for a modular product
2- I want the region of my current Keenetic device to be changeable.
3- Aiming to buy a new Keenetic router with RU variant.
4- Removing and/or destroying the device. 

I live in Antalya, Turkey. Maybe many people will know that Antalya is one of the provinces that received the most immigration due to the war. I also formed very good friendships with a friend I met through the Keenetic group. While I was trying to help them, they also brought me various gifts out of my Keenetic love. I thank him very much. @Jattiko
He also uses his beloved Keenetic in our country. And with my recommendation, Zyxel Keenetic PLUS DSL, it has a smooth internet experience. Likewise, while he can use the USB module with the RU variant device, I cannot use it within the same province.

As EU, TR and RU users, I'm curious about your thoughts on my thinking. pls comment!!

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First, I would like to thank the Keenetic group for getting to know me :) It turns out you can create a separate chat in Telegram: KN-Dating.

For my part, I want to say the following, having looked and read the information about Zyxel Keenetic Plus DSL - I have not found any mentions about region binding. Even more, I thought that the whole situation with the regional firmware changes is just in the functionality, but not the full functionality of the device.

I wish it had been specified (that such locking is possible). Also, I would like to be able to re-bind - such devices. For example - I came from Russia with my Keneetic Peak, and that I would have to buy a compatible device in Russia (or buy Keenetic Peak DSL, which is expensive).


A little information about the author of the post: This person lives with Keenetic products. In Russia I would say that I can't single out such people (I don't know them personally). And when, I learned that this piece of plastic with a small cable (yes yes, that's me about Zyxel Keenetic Plus DSL), decided not to work, because it is not inserted in the RU Keenetic - it became sad. Fix it (please) (at least for him (would be much cooler if it was removed at all))

Скрытый текст

And also, you can send him RU Keenetic Voyager Pro in honor of this sad and unfair thing found :)


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