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System operating modes in the component list ??




I heard a long time ago that "adapter mode" will be removed from system operating modes.
The system operating mode switching part has already dropped to 2 modes a while ago. Router and Extender. 👍


Is this why it is not showing up in the component options? However, the option still appears on some of my devices with the same software versions. In some System operating modes title does not appear.

https://prnt.sc/_D_UXjR_nr1q https://prnt.sc/CTv3niR3Goc9 https://prnt.sc/euqL85JPPCvX

config-ap, config-repeter and config-client are also not available in the cli output. It is possible to switch to the repeater mode from the system settings.

    "ndw": {
        "version": "3.9.220",
        "features": "dual_image,wifi_button,usb_3,usb_3_first,led_control,wifi5ghz,vht2ghz,mimo2ghz,mimo5ghz,atf2ghz,atf5ghz,wifi6,wifi_ft,wpa3,wsa5ghz,hwnat,sfp",
        "components": "acl,base,cloudcontrol,corewireless,ddns,dhcpd,dlna,dns-filter,dns-tls,exfat,ext,fat,ftp,hfsplus,igmp,ip6,ipsec,lang-en,mdns,miniupnpd,monitor,mws,nathelper-esp,nathelper-ftp,nathelper-h323,nathelper-pptp,nathelper-rtsp,nathelper-sip,ndmp,ndns,ntce,ntfs,nvox,opkg,pingcheck,ppe,pppoe,proxy,sftp,ssh,storage,trafficcontrol,transmission,tsmb,usb,usbnet,usbnet-extra,vpnserver-l2tp,webdav,wireguard"
    "ndw": {
        "version": "3.9.210",
        "features": "wifi_button,wifi5ghz,usb_3,usb_3_first,led_control,vht2ghz,bf2ghz,mimo5ghz,atf2ghz,atf5ghz,dual_image,wifi_ft,wpa3,hwnat,sfp",
        "components": "base,cloudcontrol,config-ap,config-client,config-repeater,corewireless,dhcpd,lang-en,ndmp,ndns,ppe"


Can you provide some information?

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9 minutes ago, sergeyk said:

The mode set fixed for a specific model at manufacturing stage and will not be changed for compatibility reasons.

If I'm not mistaken, this is a feature creation for a new device.
I think 12v 0.5a adapter is for this device. :)
We love Keenetic innovations.

But that wasn't really my question.
The system operating modes do not appear in the component list on some of my devices.
It still appears on some of my devices.

Is it a problem or a known change? That's what I was wondering.

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24 minutes ago, sergeyk said:

In models manufactured with two system modes (router/extender) it is not allowed to change a system mode set.

Thanks for the explanation.
I understand that change in component sets is normal.

Component sets have been reorganized for current and future models.

Both demo UIs are in the same software version; While components are visible in Extra DSL, they are not visible in Giga.

https://prnt.sc/kHV5x_r5O1UL vs https://prnt.sc/E6hu6MTcuOHS




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