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Router Keenetic Giga II. Why sometimes Wi-Fi connection drops out?



Hello! Sore problem.

There is a Keenetic Giga II router. Works from 03/08/2014 in an apartment (5th floor) of an apartment building (18 floors). There is a cell tower on the roof of the house. There were no work orders. Starting from 2020/2021, for a short time (1-5 minutes), sometimes the wi-fi signal began to disappear in fragments. It is impossible to determine the pattern of signal loss: it can be 3 times a day or not at all. Wherein:

* Internet via ethernet always works stably;

* NDMS version - latest (see screenshot-1 below);

* I do not see any errors in the system message log (including at the time of the loss of the wi-fi signal);

* 3 devices are connected via ethernet in normal mode: 1 PC, 2 TVs;

* 8 devices are connected via wi-fi in normal mode: Yandex station, 3 smart bulbs, smart socket, 3 phones;

* loss of wi-fi signal was observed, including when guests arrive and the number of connections to wi-fi grows by 2-3 devices;

* following advice from other forums, I changed the channel to a less loaded one (13) and changed the country from Russia to China - according to observations, the loss of the wi-fi signal became less frequent, at first I thought that the problem had disappeared, I was delighted, but then reappeared;

* an overview of the wi-fi signal in working condition obtained through the application "WiFi Analyzer" from olgor.com on Android (see screenshots 2 and 3 below, my network is "Wi-Fi Skvortsovi")



I ask for help / advice on how to get rid of the loss of wi-fi signal? For what reason is this happening? Could this be due to the heavy load on the wi-fi network, i.e. influence of networks of other apartments; cell tower on the roof; from 8 devices on wi-fi? What to do? :)

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