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После обновления с 4.0 Alpha 20 на 4.0 Beta 0.2 начал кратковременно пропадать интернет (билайн, l2tp)



На Alpha такой проблемы не было в принципе, после обновления начало бросаться в глаза.

В логе:

Май 23 20:32:49 pppd_L2TP0
l2tp: recv CDN
Май 23 20:32:49 pppd_L2TP0
l2tp: RC = 2 - Call disconnected for the reason indicated in error code
Май 23 20:32:49 pppd_L2TP0
l2tp: EC = 6 - A generic vendor-specific error occurred in the LAC
Май 23 20:32:49 pppd_L2TP0
l2tp: EM: "Locally generated disconnect"
Май 23 20:32:49 pppd_L2TP0
l2tp: shutting down control connection
Май 23 20:32:49 pppd_L2TP0
l2tp: sending stopccn
Май 23 20:32:51 pppd_L2TP0
l2tp: shutdown completed
Май 23 20:32:51 pppd_L2TP0
Hangup (SIGHUP)
Май 23 20:32:51 pppd_L2TP0
Connect time 180.9 minutes.
Май 23 20:32:51 pppd_L2TP0
Sent 422124854 bytes, received 1536044712 bytes.
Май 23 20:32:51 ndm
Network::Interface::Base: "L2TP0": "ip" changed "ipv4" layer state "running" to "disabled".
Май 23 20:32:51 ndm
Network::Interface::Ip: "L2TP0": IP address cleared.

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