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Runner 4G Can't delete SMS (and receive new if full)




Runner 4G (KN-2211) EAEU 4.0.7
Mostly every time system can't delete any sms
As a result when sms storage is full you can't receive any new

Tried to delete from CLI

    "parse": {
        "prompt": "(sms)",
        "status": [
                "status": "error",
                "code": "268239258",
                "ident": "Mobile::Sms::Manager",
                "critical": "yes",
                "message": "\"UsbLte0\": system failed [0xcffd019a]."
    "ndmErrors": {
        "parse.status.0": {
            "message": "\"UsbLte0\": system failed [0xcffd019a].",
            "code": "268239258"

And log file full of records like below
Mobile::Sms::Manager: "UsbLte0": failed to read message "nv-180".
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