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4.2: циклический перезапуск NTCE под нагрузкой



@Le ecureuil @hellonow при большой нагрузке на сеть (например, скачивании торрентов) циклически падает и перезапускается NTCE.

В логе поток сообщений вида:

[E] Apr 15 10:20:27 ntce-pace2: !ntce_pace2_build_flow_key(), udp ip6_size 40. 
[E] Apr 15 10:20:27 ntce-pace2: unable to proceed with data, exit. 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:27 ntce-pace2: stopped. 
[E] Apr 15 10:20:27 ndm: Service: "Ntce::Manager": unexpectedly stopped. 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:27 ndm: Ntce::Manager: cleanup stale data. 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:30 ntce-pace2: starting "1.0-45". 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:30 ntce-pace2: using "libc" memory allocator. 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:30 ntce-pace2: using huge memory model. 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:30 ntce-pace2: loaded CSC plugin. 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:30 ntce-pace2: R&S PACE2 API version: "481". 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:30 ntce-pace2: R&S PACE2 build: "24.03.22". 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:30 ntce-pace2: now running as nobody:nobody. 
[I] Apr 15 10:20:30 ntce-pace2: ready for processing. 

Проверял на KN-1811 c 4.2 Alpha 4.

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