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  1. http://keenetic.emulator.keenetic.pro/ User : demo Pass : demo
  2. Yes, you're right. @Alex Sh. Admins can move the topic under the relevant forum topic if necessary. If you examine my screen recordings below, the situation will be understood. The mobile app pulls the data. (I could not try changing the PPPoE description from the mobile application due to the error in the program.) But I don't know if there is a problem while pushing data. You will see CLI commands and outputs. In example; The description is deleted by changing the SNR setting. Maybe it changes with other settings. But as I wrote before, it was deleted without even touching any settings. Also, during video recording, I saw that the previously unchanged area now changes in that interface. When PPPoE1 changes, DSL changes too. Otherwise not. When DSL changes, PPPoE1 does not change. @Le ecureuil https://streamable.com/ahe3q4 https://streamable.com/216613
  3. Hi Alex, We replace this description with the CLI command. I just realized that it references here in the app. The DSL connection name (provider name) in the interface does not correspond here. It is obvious that the changes are also saved within the application. I don't know if this is related to the application or the modem software. That's why I tagged both you and @Le ecureuil I will change the value from within the app. I will change and save a dsl setting later. I will reboot the device immediately. Let's see if I can catch it. But I would like to point out again; The description changes, it also shows in the application. Even if no settings are changed, this description is deleted for some reason. In @eralde 's theme plugin, it seems that the corresponding value in the dsl part was different. Sorry, I couldn't try because there is app crash in dsl pppoe menu. (We reported on the Telegram channel.)
  4. Hello there, In my first post, many of these cases were actually tested as present. In 3.6.10 and 3.7.x versions, the description is deleted in the same way without realizing it. Without changing any settings, we see that there is no description, sometimes on the first reboot, sometimes after 2-3 reboots.
  5. 🤞🙏 I have never tried to set it from the mobile application. I set the description of DSL with the command in the Web CLI. But I don't know why it is deleted. And the situation only occurs for DSL connections. There is no such problem in the descriptions of Fiber/Ethernet providers.
  6. Offline device can be indicated with a "-" sign or written "offline".
  7. I know which package is making this situation. I think I made a mistake in the opkg tvheadend config. When I turn off the service, the CPU usage also returns to normal. In my next message, I will share the outputs you want confidentially. Both at normal and 99% CPU usage.
  8. Another observation: Timeout, which occurs during 98-99% CPU usage, is also locally available in the browser. The interface remains at 99% and is already starting to slow transitions. Even if the CPU usage drops, it is necessary to renew the interface. @Le ecureuil
  9. Maybe it's a known issue. When CPU and memory usage increases, timeout problem becomes inevitable. There is no problem in network and internet usage.
  10. https://rmm.keenetic.com/network/list (sorting issue) https://rmm.keenetic.com/network/detail/123x/devices (sorting ok)
  11. https://rmm.keenetic.com/network/detail/xyz/devices When some fields on or off state...
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